3 Best Interior Cladding Options

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Mention the word cladding and the first thing that usually comes to mind is vinyl or palliside cladding for the exterior of your home. However, cladding isn’t just something that improves the look of the outside of your home, it can also be used inside your home.

3 Best Interior Cladding Options

Why Clad Inside?

Cladding interior walls is a great way to transform any space easily and cover walls that are not in the best condition without having to dry line or plaster them. It’s also an effective way to improve the insulation qualities of any room. Check out the 3 best interior cladding options and transform your home today:

  1. Wood Interior Cladding

You can clad your entire wall or just half height, it’s a great way of creating a natural elegance in your home and you can paint it a variety of colors to ensure it fits with your own personal tastes.

When choosing wood cladding, you should be aware of whether it is freshly cut wood or not. Some suppliers use wood that is not replaced, effectively damaging the environment. Others plant trees for every tree that is felled, and other manufacturers actually use reclaimed wood. That’s wood that has been previously used for something else.

All make great cladding, your choice will depend on your environmental conscious.

  1. PVC Interior Cladding

You’ve probably already seen PVC interior cladding hen you been in hotels, it’s a very popular option for bathrooms as it is easy to put up and maintain. Of course, it is also waterproof. It is also available in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to choose the exact style that suits the inside of your home.

3 Best Interior Cladding Options - PVC cladding

PVC cladding tends to be one of the cheapest options available. It can look like wood, tiles, or plastic. Although you may have seen it in hotel bathrooms, it is actually a popular option for many other rooms in the house. Try it, you’ll be surprised at how good it looks.

It is worth noting that PVC cladding is usually made from recycled plastic, meaning that you’re not having a detrimental effect on the environment. That’s definitely a bonus although you’ll need to verify this with your cladding supplier.

  1. Stone Interior Cladding

Stone cladding is generally associated with the exterior of the home but, in the right places, it can be an impressive addition to the inside of your home.

While you’re not going to cover all your walls in this type of cladding, doing one in a room can create a fantastic feature which will draw your eye and even prove a talking point at parties.

Extra Thoughts

Any of these 3 cladding options will look good in your home. However, you’ll need to consider which one is the most appropriate for the space you have available and whether you’re likely to want to redecorate again in the future. Cladding looks great but it can result in more damage to your walls, which is relevant if you want to replace it in the future.

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