5 DIY Wooden Artwork For Home Design

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Are you looking to enhance your home’s ambiance? From the kitchen, living room, even in your bedroom, the decor you choose can create a refreshing vibe in every place in your humble abode. Adding wooden wall art is one of the best steps to having some vibe in your place, and you can display your unforgettable moments, which can create a relaxing feeling. Wall art is a simple way to decorate, and enough for creating it by yourself. In this list, here are the five wooden DIY wall art ideas that transform your home.

5 DIY Wooden Artwork For Home Design

From boring walls into refreshing wooden wall art, this list can give an idea of what’s best for your home.

Wooden Letter Art / Inspirational Quotes Wall Art

Is your parent’s birthday approaching? DIY wooden letter art is a great gift! You make it by just using stencils. Write a sincere message on wood for it to last a lifetime. With this idea, you can also create more extensive wall art for your living room, kitchen, or in the bedroom personalized with an inspiring message. This wall art is excellent for your house because it gives the whole family and guests an uplifting atmosphere.  You can also use the same wood to create a down-to-earth and rustic look that goes well with classical, contemporary, and calm interiors.

Photo Clipboards or Frames

This simple network of design can make a huge impact on the entire appeal of your home. Use regular wood with a smooth texture and cut to the desired length. If you have the tools such as a saw station, it will be much easier to cut your boards. A joiner would also come in handy in straightening and squaring the edges. Attach different woodcuts until it forms the design and structure you have in mind. Slip in your family pictures into the edges and make sure they are intact in every side and corner. Install these wooden frames to the walls of your living room or dining room. They look great with antique furniture pieces or a coastal home style.

Rustic Wood Art / Coat Rack

With a classy rustic wall decor at your home, it can enhance the surrounding with a natural warmth and a classic appeal. This side of the wall can carry minimalist ornaments or some hooks to turn it into a coat rack or headboard. Finally, you have a space-savvy design piece that also serves another purpose.

5 DIY Wooden Artwork For Home Design - coat rack

Wood Wall Shelves

Do you need more storage for your lovely home? By crafting wooden wall shelves, you can now make use of scrap woods piling up in your basement! Wall shelves eliminate the need for boxes that eats up space and makes the room look unkempt. Now, you can store your books, accessories and those precious custom bobblehead souvenirs you’ve been keeping for so long.

Geometric Wood Wall Art

At all times, nothing fits the exact size of the surface area, and you’re left looking at a blank wall. A geometric wood wall art adds dimension and an illusion to space. Interior designers have various approaches to this and you might be interested to check out Pinterest, Houzz Design and other blogs for some inspirations.

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