The Accessories You Need for Your Lift Chair

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No matter how careful you are in life, sometimes you find yourself in a position where you cannot enjoy your mobility and need assistance when sitting down/raising out from a chair.

The Accessories You Need for Your Lift Chair

It’s why the lift chair and the power recliners have been winning their fans over the last couple of years.

What is a lift chair? What about the power recliner?

Similar to the regular reclining chairs, the lift chair features a motorized and electric system that lets the user control it. Sitting down and getting out of the seated position is a lot easier when using a lift chair.

There are many places where you can find lift chairs/ power recliners. Eagle Lift Chairs provides a lot of types of lift chairs for one to choose from. Heated, heavy-duty, leather, small lift chairs are only a few of the models that you can buy at Eagle Lift Chairs.

Many lift chairs come with impressive and handy features such as heat or massage system. This type of features is going to improve one’s comfort. They speed up the recovery process or sustain one’s efforts while dealing with ailments or injuries.

Seniors are going to enjoy a massage or heat features as the functions help them handle a day a lot easier. Even if the session on the power lift chair is short, it may be enough for giving them a push and relieve pain.

Who uses a lift chair?

Truth be told, anyone can benefit from a lift chair as it’s a chair that helps you relax after a long and challenging day. It’s a reliable option for releasing some stress and make that anxiety go away.

In all fairness, a lift chair is a lot more than your regular reclining chair. As it brings so many good things to the table, here are the situations in which a lift chair could be the perfect solution:

  • When recovering after a major surgery
  • When people have limited mobility
  • When one seeks a better way to relieve stress and anxiety

What kind of accessories can one use with a lift chair?

Selecting a lift chair isn’t difficult as long as you consider some suggestions. And once you got a lift chair, you should know that using specific accessories is going to increase its utility even more.

Here are the most common accessories that one could use for the lift chair:

  1. Waterproof seat protector

No matter the type of your lift chair, you may need to use a waterproof seat protector, even if you don’t have problems in that area. If you’re eating/drinking in your lift chair or your pet is sitting next to you, accidents may happen.

The seat protector is, in fact, a waterproof absorbent portable pad which you may place on any surface for protecting the surface from stains and leaks.

Most of the time, the top layer is made of a soft velour material which protects subtly. It should channel liquids, whereas locking away moisture. The backing should also be waterproof (safeguard vintex vinyl is a solid choice) so that no leaks/stains are seeping through.

An excellent waterproof seat protector is going to keep an area dry and stain free.

Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting a waterproof seat protector:

  • It has to keep the surfaces dry and stain free
  • It should come with an absorbent inner layer
  • A non-slip vinyl backing keeps it in place
  • It should be portable so that you may use it on furniture, wheelchairs, airplane seats, car seats and so on
  • It should be soft to touch and subtle. It shouldn’t look like an incontinence product
  • It should take the use for a long time
  • It has to be easy to clean in your washing machine. A seat protector that is dryer friendly is a good choice.
  1. A lever extender

The lever extender is just a handle that is going to help one raise/lower the recliner leg rest a lot easier. Its added length makes it easy to reach the lever, providing more leverage while reclining. Just like any other furniture products, a good lever extender is going to match your lift chair and décor. You don’t want it to stand out and mismatch the other furniture.

The Accessories You Need for Your Lift Chair - leather lift chair

Here’s’ what to look for in a lever extender:

  • It’s made with heavy-duty steel, taking the use for a good amount of time
  • It adds leverage, easing out the raising/lowering leg rest effort
  • It’s easy to reach
  • Its installation is a breeze, and you don’t need any other tools
  • It comes with padded design, protecting the chair handle from damage
  • It should come with a lifetime guarantee
  1. Assis-a-Tray

It’s a couch side handle that is going to help one stand from the lift chair, but one can also use it for the couch.

Typically it comes with a comfortable multi-use swivel tray so that you may surf the web, eat or keep the items you need within reach.

This type of accessory comes in various color combinations so that it fits into your décor just fine.

Here are some of its features that count:

  • It comes with support handle that eases the sitting and the standing
  • It’s adjustable so that you adjust the length for fitting either side of the lift chair
  • It features a Swivel-Tray that comes with a cup holder and utensil compartment. It should also swing out of the way when you’re not using it.
  • It has a low profile, matching any décor easily
  • It should feature super-grip rubber pads for more stability and protection of your floors.
  1. EZ Stand-N-Go

An accessory of this kind is going to help one standing from the lift chair, recliner or a couch. The stander gives one confidence and may help when the lift chair is in another room.

If you’re recovering from surgery, struggle with some back pain/general unsteadiness, or have a lower-set couch, this type of stander is there for the rescue.

More often than not the armrests are set too low, which isn’t going to ensure enough leverage for helping one stand. The stander is easy to install, placing two handles exactly where you need them for maximum support as you’re standing.

A good stander is adjustable, fitting any couch/lift chair/recliner. It’s subtle and mingles into any décor, without altering the comfort feeling in your home.

Here are some typical features for this type of stander:

  • It’s entirely adjustable, in both depth and length
  • It should stand safely no matter if you use it with a lift chair, couch or a recliner
  • It provides a universal fit. You can use it on top/between chair cushions
  • It features dual support handles for more comfortable standing

One conclusion to notice

Once it’s clear for you that you need to use a lift chair from this day forward, you should also keep in mind that also using various accessories is going to bring you even more comfort. Why not have it all?

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