DIY Making Your Space Look Expensive

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Having a magazine-worthy home may cost a fortune. Maybe you want to make your home look expensive but you do not have the cash to do it like a billionaire. To give your house that luxurious look, you need a source of inspiration. Something to build your creativity around. Mississauga condos have some of the most classy interior decors.

Making Your Space Look Expensive

This article will give you some cool tips on how you can make your space shout money using simple and cheap ways. So let’s get to it.

Give your home the Midas touch

There is nothing that says money more than the color gold. By using gold spray paint, you can make your house look luxurious by spraying picture frames and some vases. A few golden frames here and there in your house will surely make it look perfect. You can also use the gold look on more distinct furniture such as a side chair or a mirror frame. This will give you a home royal look.

Hide the wires

Your television set will look far better if there are no wires lying about. To solve this situation could use a shower curtain rod. Paint the rod with a colour to match the wall and pass the wires through the rod. You can mount the rod on the wall using an appropriate holder.

Framing up your television with also hide the wires and give it a classic look. Moreover, you can use suede cording to hide unsightly cords. Suede cords are cheaply and easily available in any supermarket so there is no need to dig deep into your pockets.


Since windows are one of the most distinct features of any home, it is important to have good looking curtains. You can use simple hardware as your curtain tie-backs. For example, gold coloured eye snap hooks will make your curtains look unique and classy.

You can also use a curved shower curtain rod to make a window look bigger. This is usually known as basket drapery and is a cool way to make your living room grand. Instead of buying expensive curtains with sophisticated designs, you can basket weave your curtains to create your own unique design.

Add some life to the walls

Bare walls make a home feel boring. Add family photos or some DIY artwork to make the walls lively. Remember to ensure that the size of the artwork is one that fits the wall space available. You can also add molding to either the ceiling or baseboard to improve the look too. A simple molding with a single shape and depth will do the trick.

Making Your Space Look Expensive - DIY wall artwork


If you want to be creative with your fridge, you can use washi tape to decorate it. This works well for white fridges. You can also paint your fridge with liquid stainless steel paint to give it that classic metallic lustre.


Mirrors can come in real handy if you want to visually increase the floor space of a room. By placing mirrors in strategic positions in a bathroom, you can be able to virtually increase the size of the bathroom making it appear more elegant.

Use DIY built-in in structures

One trick you should know about shelves and cabinets if you want them to appear custom is that they should fit the space perfectly. A shelf that covers the whole wall will definitely appear to be more expensive than one that stands alone. You can also fill the shelf with other stuff apart from books like small sculptures, trophies or photos. Remember to always keep them neat and tidy.

These are just some of the ideas you can use to make your home look more expensive. Making your home look luxurious isn’t that hard. All you need to do is think outside the box and you will be on your way to a classy home.

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