5 Reasons Why You Should Use Cold-Pressed Juicer

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With growing health awareness, cold-pressed juices are considered as best due to their ability tos preserve the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables and aid the healthy living style. It is an easy, quick and portable way to include more for fruits and vegetables in your diet with high nutritional value. It is a perfect way of go-grabbing especially when you have tight work schedules.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Cold-Pressed Juicer

As no heat is involved while extracting the juice from a cold press juicer, you can expect 100% enzymes, nutrients, vitamins and minerals in your juice as the fresh veggie or fruits contain. Here are the 5 incredible benefits of Cold Press Juice produced by a Pressed Juicer:

Boost the natural detoxification process of your body

By adopting a Juice cleansing technique, you can achieve a healthy living with nature detoxification process using a cold pressed juicer. As the Juice cleansing technique calls for Juice intake only and no solid food, a juicer offers abundant varieties of food juices to follow the regime diligently.

In just one sitting, intake of various fruits and vegetables is possible with cold-press juicing. As it is impossible to eat 12 carrots or 10 apples in one sitting, with cold press juicing you can manage the equal amount of fruit and vegetables adding to your intake and speed up the detoxification process.

Nutrients reach your body instantly

As the cold press juice is extracted from fresh vegetables and fruits with no additional oxygen and heat. You get a healthy juice in the raw form which is consist of high nutritional value. It is worth considering that the shelf life of cold-pressed juice is 3-4 days only but the extreme benefits derived from cold-pressed juice cannot be undermined.

But after 3-4 days, the microbes start developing in the juice and it leads to health hazards especially for pregnant women and young children. Hence, it is important to always drink fresh pressed juice to derive the best nutritional value.

With higher energy, provide more mental clarity

With a rich nutritional diet, the energy levels in your body remain high. Juice like Pineapple delivers a high amount of Vitamin C and promote metabolism. Pineapple is a manganese-rich fruit and provides folate to the body which is an essential vitamin for the body with several health benefits.

5 reasons why you should use Cold-Pressed Juicer - juice

Blueberries improve digestive health and effectively reduce the risk of specific mental disorders like Alzheimer disease. Apple juice is considered effective in reducing the risks of cancer like colon, breast and skin. Bottle gourd Juice is effective in treating sleep disorders, offer cooling effect, reduces liver inflammation and promotes weight loss.

Boost immunity to fight toxins

As the fresh fruits and vegetables contain a high amount of antioxidant besides mineral and vitamins, there are various combination fruits and vegetable juices which are helpful in detoxifying your body and boosts the immunity.

Citrus fruits have high Vitamin C value which helps in improving immunity against cold. Other vegetables like Spinach, Garlic, Broccoli, and Red bell peppers also have a high nutritional value which significantly boost the immunity and helps your body to fight against toxins.

Bitter gourd juice helps in maintaining the sugar levels in your blood. To intoxicate your body, drinking a glass of Bottle gourd every day at an empty stomach can be of great help.

Helps in meeting daily fruit and vegetable intake requirements

The nutrient value derives from cold-pressed juices are equivalent to an intake of fresh fruits and vegetables as no nutritional loss occurs in the process of juicing. Hence, if out of your hectic work schedules you don’t have enough time to prepare food using the fresh vegetable, cold pressed juicer can help you to meet your daily requirements of intake in a tasty way by producing delicious cold pressed fresh juices.

All you need to wash and cut the vegetables. Put them in the juicer and your juice is ready with high nutritional value. If you are looking to buy best cold press juicer for your home Visit this  website for choose the best one for your needs .

There are several cold-pressed juices available in the market but after undergoing a pasteurization process they have lesser nutritional value as compared to the fresh cold pressed juice prepared at home.

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