Tips for Taking Care of Your Small Business Yourself

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If you’re a diehard handyman, you’re constantly looking for DIY opportunities. You already take care of everything at the house yourself. Why not take on tasks at your own business? This is a great way to save some money and keep your building in tip-top shape.
Tips for Taking Care of Your Small Business Yourself

Read on for the best tips for taking care of your small business yourself.

Keep Plumbing Tools on Hand

What could be worse than a plumbing issue at work? With maybe the only toilet out of commission, it’s not just a you problem. Your employees will be annoyed. Even worse, your customers will have a bad impression of your business.

Be your company’s hero by keeping plumbing tools on hand. If there’s a clog, don’t just keep flushing. Try the following:

  • Grab a toilet plunger. Fit it around the drain to create suction and plunge several times. See if the water starts to go down before flushing again.
  • Push an auger through the pipes. By twisting the crank, you should be able to dislodge the clog. Once the water goes down, you can try flushing.
  • Add water. If the toilet isn’t overflowing, add about a gallon of water. The pressure should help break up the clog and get everything moving again.

If your toilet experiences constant clogs, it might be time for an upgraded plumbing system.

Put on Your Painter’s Clothes

Think it’s time for a new look? Put on your painter’s clothes and grab a brush! A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your businesses. It’ll renew your passion for your company. Plus, customers and employees will appreciate the updated look. Hiring painters can cost a pretty penny. Why not do it yourself and make an afternoon of it? You can get your friends and employees to pitch in. Now, every time you look at the fresh coat, you’ll feel a sense of pride at having done it yourself.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Small Business Yourself - painting

Break Out the Ladder

At some point or another, roofs are bound to experience damage. It’s important to have your roof in working order. Damage can pose a risk to everyone’s safety, your equipment and product, etc. For minor issues, you can inspect the area first to see what kind of damage you’re dealing with.

  • Put on a pair of shoes with good traction. Climb on up with a steady ladder.
  • Assess the damage. If there’s a missing shingle, search for a replacement of a similar style and color. Remove the old shingle, using adhesives and roofing nails to secure the new one.
  • Consider cleaning off your roof. Get rid of debris to prevent pooling. Water buildup can contribute to costly leaks later on.

Keep in mind that not every roof problem is a DIY fix. For one, it might not be safe for you to get up there. Even if you are physically capable of scaling the ladder and balancing on the roof, some jobs are best left to the pros. Consider hiring commercial roofing services for particularly severe damage.


Like with roofing issues, electrical problems are sometimes best left to the pros. However, there are some tasks you can easily take on yourself. Suit up with the appropriate protective equipment. Even though it may seem unnecessary, invest in a pair of gloves and goggles. Depending on your experience with electrical jobs, you can install fixtures such as lights or ceiling fans. You can even just swap out old outlets yourself to save a little money.

Bottom Line

Handyman-entrepreneurs like yourself show a lot of resolve. Taking care of tasks around your building is a great way to demonstrate ownership and take pride in your business! Just remember to be safe – sometimes it’s better to call in the pros if you’re not 100% that the job will be an easy fix.

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    Small business or a big corporation, taking the time to look around a keep things up and running are important. Making sure things look clean and neat, as well as the right fit. When you give your best impression by keeping things neat and clean, up and running. Customers coming in or venders and suppliers, or even the VIP guests, they will all feel better and have a much better feeling about you and the company.