5 Convincing Reasons to Get Re-Roofing Done For Your Warehouse

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Most people would define a warehouse as a storage facility for your products. However, we differ! A warehouse is also the workplace for some of your staff members. It doesn’t just store the products, it also ensures safety and protection to the goods and humans under its roof!

5 Convincing Reasons to Get Re-Roofing Done For Your Warehouse

A warehouse’s roof is, thus, a matter of great significance and deserves the best maintenance. As is with most buildings across the world, a warehouse to rely heavily upon its’s roof. The following article gives 5 convincing reasons why you need to re-roof your warehouse every once in a decade.

Thermal efficiency

It has been scientifically proven that any building starts losing its thermal efficiency after 25-30 years. This means that if you build your warehouse today, it will start losing its efficiency 25 years from now. Goods stored in the building will be exposed to more adversaries, which may lead them to deteriorate quicker.

You could consider revamping your warehouse particularly if you are storing food grains, vegetables, and other perishable items. Another factor closely linked to thermal efficiency is the supply chain cost. In recent years, the Australian wheat market has become 5-6% less competitive in the international markets, which is large because of badly designed warehouses. If you are in this market, then you may consider improving your warehouse.

Asbestos issues

Asbestos was used in making warehouse roofs until a few years ago. According to a report issued by an Australian government agency, breathing asbestos for a long time may cause cancer. This substance is released continuously by the roofs and warehouse staff is at an all-time risk of developing cancer due to their prolonged stay under an asbestos roof.  The symptoms aren’t apparent until after 30 years.  So it’s a better idea to get rid of asbestos in your roofs and revamp your warehouse roof. Besides, it is now illegal to use asbestos in any way in Australia.

Leaky roofs

Another convincing reason behind revamping your roof has to do with leaky roofs. If you are storing machine parts, electrical equipment or crop, you should regularly check your roof. Leaking roofs can cause irreversible danger to your merchandise. Machine parts may be corroded by the damp surroundings, and uninsulated electrical wires become all the more a bigger threat when exposed to water. These electrical cords can carry currents and injure workers. Similarly, leaking roofs can destroy your food grains.  This report by the Australian Department of agriculture tells us the scale of crop losses due to leaky roofs and other reasons.
5 Convincing Reasons to Get Re-Roofing Done For Your Warehouse - leak


Appearance can make or break your business. If you have a shoddy looking building, you may be subconsciously repelling your clients away, and thus, you may have a problem with getting more business on board. On the other hand, if your warehouse looks neat and clean and smart, a client may perceive you as a responsible dedicated business owner. We aren’t saying appearances are everything but a smart appearance always helps.

The appearance of your business should be always at its best. One of the important things to consider is the roof which should have a welcoming and appealing appearance. The appearance of the roof is not only determined by the quality of the material used but also the skill in fixing. This means that when you are getting the roof of your warehouse, you should get a professional to do it for you. In case you are upgrading your warehouse roofing you should consider getting a professional Commercial Roofer Calgary. The professional touch on the roof will give your warehouse the appealing appearance it requires.

Structural strength

Over the years, your warehouse roof would lose its strength due to many reasons. Variations in temperature might affect its toughness. Continued exposure to rain, sunlight and cold will make it vulnerable too. Urban acidic rains will further weaken the quality of your roof. So, to ensure everything stays fit and smooth, it is a good idea to keep checking your warehouse roof. If you find a significant gap or corrosion on the surface, we advise you contact experts such as Lidoran straight away. Some roofs may have small plants or grass on them. These innocent-looking plants can cause long term damage to your roof by dislodging shingles, joints, etc.

Thus, we recommend you do not take anything for a harmless flaw and get in touch with experts right away.

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