8 Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home

Owning a new home is exciting, but with the reports of home break-ins, security should be a key concern. You need to keep your home and loved ones safe by setting up different simple yet effective security measures.

8 Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home

Below are some simple ways to secure your new home:

1) Get New Locks

Many older homes are accessible for burglars to bypass due to the fact that they are out of date locks. Also, if the house is not new, then the previous owners may still have door keys. Both scenarios put your home at risk of unwanted entry. To prevent any access, you need to get an experienced locksmith to rekey the existing locks. The locksmith will change the locks so you will be the only one able to unlock your doors.

2) Reinforce All Entry Points

Common entry points for burglars include windows and front, back, and garage doors. Make sure you inspect all entryways for vulnerabilities such as weak frames or hinges and get them fixed. Also, confirm the sturdiness of all the window latches, if they are likely to bend under pressure change them. Alternatively, you can replace latches with key levers or locks to burglar proof your windows.

3) Maintain the Privacy of Your Home

You can set up a privacy fence along your property line to prevent anyone from seeing your valuable items. If you cannot fence your property, you should always keep your doors closed and draw your curtains at night.

4) Pick Up Your Deliveries Quickly

When moving to a new home, you may need to buy additional items. If these items are delivered, make sure you are on sight since there are thieves who steal delivered packages. Also, once you unpack these items, avoid throwing the box outside as they advertise newly bought goods.

8 Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home - home security system

5) Set Up Outdoor Security Lighting

Intruders tend to avoid homes with lights, so having your landscape lit will secure your home. Place lights in your pathway, and front as well as the backyard. Still, be smart about your energy consumption so you can use solar power lights or install motion-activated lights.

6) Get a Home Security System

A security system protects your home by securing entry points and monitors intrusion. You can get one depending on your security budget and safety level of your neighborhood. A typical home security system has door and window sensors, motion sensors, security systems, and an alarm.

7) Have an In-Home Safe

Valuable items such as jewelry, vital documents, passport, and even firearms need a secure storage location in your home. Get a heavy, waterproofed, and fire resistant vault to keep these items. This safe secure your valuable items and prevents household accidents with firearms.

8) Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

Home security goes beyond installing physical barriers; you also need to keep your information safe. If you do not lock down your network, then your personal and financial information can be accessed. So make sure your wireless router is secure, allow WPA encryption, use a strong password, and install antivirus protection.

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  1. Good article for secure property management! I will follow these tips for better home security. Thanks for sharing.

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