Why Smart Home Security Systems Are The Future To Protecting Your Home

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You’ve worked hard to build your home, and whether you’re rolling in cash or not you have every right to protect everything you’ve worked for. From every day appliances to sentimental ornaments, a problem that many people face is not feeling like they can protect their belongings and most importantly themselves if an attack or an attempted robbery is made. That’s where security systems come in. In recent years, security companies have been working hard to make their systems more protective than ever, so if you’re looking to invest in security for your home, take a look at these best smart home automations that can help take your security up to the next level.

Why Smart Home Security Systems Are The Future To Protecting Your Home
The typical security system consists of:

  • Cameras
  • Gates that require keycodes
  • Alarms

These systems have worked incredibly for years and will continue to do so. However, there are now smart home security systems that will give you that extra piece of mind whether you’re at home or not.

So what’s the difference between regular and smart home security systems?


In regular home CCTV, you can expect to be able to monitor what’s going on live from a feed within your home and also record the footage too. With smart home CCTV, you can view the footage that your camera is capturing from anywhere in the world using an app on your phone alongside all of the usual perks such as recording the footage too. Your cameras will also be hooked up to your alarm system so that if your alarms are triggered you’ll be able to view the situation. This works well because if you receive an alert that there’s unusual activity on your property you can check it out straight away, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.


Keycodes, in general, is a very secure way of making sure that nobody who isn’t authorised has access to your property. Many businesses use keycodes within their premises to keep valuable stock and money safe from thieves, and that’s why they work so well. However, keycodes can be guessed, or even stolen and that can become a huge problem if you’re unaware of the situation.

Smart key coding uses features alongside the code you’ve created to enter your property such as retina detection, fingerprints, and even voice activation. This creates an extra layer of security for your home and ensures that nobody can get in unless they’re invited.

You also no longer have to worry about carrying a key around with you that could potentially become lost or stolen because some keycode systems don’t require a key at all! Perfect for those who are prone to losing their keys.

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If an alarm is triggered it sounds to alert you that there’s a problem. We don’t really need to tell you how regular alarms work. However, alarms can be jammed and this can allow thieves or attackers to make their way onto your property undetected.

With smart alarms, you will receive a notification if someone tries to jam your alarm signal which means you’ve got the upper hand. Not only that, alarm systems will now alert the local authorities to attend the scene so that you don’t have the worry of having to deal with intruders alone. Again, businesses use this kind of technology to protect their business when it’s closed.

Your smart alarm system may also come with motion detection and protection for your windows too, so not only are your doors protected from intruders, but you no longer have to worry about your windows either.

Other features to expect

Did you know that you can also part arm your home with smart alarm systems? Basically, if you and your family are heading up to bed, you can arm the bottom half of your home and allow movement upstairs while everyone is settling down to sleep. Perfect for families with young children that get up multiple times in the night to use the toilet!

You can also use the app that comes with many smart home security systems to perform many actions such as:

  • Set your system to activate at a certain time
  • Disarm your system
  • Arm your system
  • Configure settings such as when to allow full access for visitors into your home

As you can see, smart home security systems are the future when it comes to protecting you, your family, and your home. Consider having smart security systems installed to give you that extra layer of protection and give you that peace of mind.

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