What Are Simple Tools Used at Home?

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Whether you have your own house or are renting an apartment, it helps to have some tools in handy for making repairs or improvements. Somewhere in your home, there might be a tap that needs tightening, a wobbly chair that requires fixing, or a flatscreen that needs hanging. The job doesn’t necessarily need professional assistance, but you still need the right tools to accomplish it correctly. There are ideas on DIY Tools Web that should help you perform home fixes or improvements on your own for minimal cost.

What Are Simple Tools Used at Home

A home tool kit can solve a lot of your problems as a homeowner. It’s something you’ll be happy you put together when certain parts of your home start falling apart. So, what are some must-have tools for homeowners to keep at hand?

Top Seven Tools To Have in Your Home

As much of a blessing as it is to have your own place, it’s not without its fair share of challenges. A good number of these come in the form of home repair emergencies, which are either too easy or too expensive to have a professional fix. Instead, they’re better done by you using the following tools:

1. Screwdrivers

Screws can come loose in almost anything, and it can be a headache when they do. That leads us to the basic tools to include in your kit: screwdrivers. A complete set of these should just about have you covered. Of course, an entire set can also take up too much space and be a touch on the heavy side. Get a single all-around screwdriver instead if you want to keep your kit handy and portable.

2. Cordless Drill

At some point, you’ll need to drill a hole somewhere in your home. Whether to hang a television or frame or fix a shelf, a cordless drill will make a fine addition to your collection. There’s also a need to emphasize cordless, as you don’t want wires or cables limiting your movement or preventing you from drilling specific locations. The “cord” is often the reason a drill goes unused, so take that out of the equation, and you can have a useful device on your hands.

3. Hex-Key Wrench Set

Oh, do we love our wrenches, particularly the incredibly useful Allen wrenches. If you’re the type of homeowner who loves to build his or her own stuff, they’re an absolute must-have for your toolkit. As far as wrenches go, hex keys are literal godsends with how they effortlessly allow you to drive hexagonal-socketed bolts and nuts.

4. Stepping Stool

Portable, handy, and nonrestrictive tools call for a stepping stool that let’s them perform their magic in higher places. You’ll need to be able to drill close to the ceiling, too, and a regular chair or stool might not provide enough height boost. There’s also the fact that these platforms aren’t the steadiest and could put you at risk of falling over. Stepping stools, on the other hand, are both safe and adjustable. Hence, they have far fewer limitations on reach and keep you steady and secure as you do your job.

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5. Nails of All Sizes

Sometimes, nails are more practical than drills or screws. That’s why you could also use a bunch of them in your home toolkit. Just hammer a good ol’ nail into a wall, and you’re done; it’s as easy as that. With nails, you don’t have to worry about doing anything too permanent. They can easily be pulled out and replaced with a more secure and lasting alternative.

6. Hammer

Nails are pretty much useless without a hammer, as you probably already know. Sure, you can use a rock, but that wouldn’t exactly lead to the cleanest and most secure finish. Not to mention, that would also be throwing “presentation” out the window. With a decent hammer, you can affix nails into walls with no problem. In particular, hammers with claws at the opposite end make it easier to pull nails out in case they’re incorrectly placed.

7. Utility Knife

Here’s another tool a homeowner shouldn’t go without. Unlike a regular pocket knife, a utility blade is safer and more versatile. This knife does the job exceptionally well, from slicing paper to cutting cardboard, wires, and wood into thin pieces. It also keeps slicing and cutting tasks mess-free, so the most you may have to do afterward is minimal cleaning.

Home Toolkits Are Best Kept for Simple Tasks

These seven tools should just about address most home DIY fixes or improvements. However, reliance on the kit should only be limited to one’s ability to safely and correctly handle a specific task. Even if you technically have the right tools for the job, the moment things start getting complex and dangerous is the same moment you should ask a professional to intervene.

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