Cordless power tools have been experiencing increasing success over the last few years. They are many different types of physical and mechanical tools that execute specific functions. They are designed to make the process much easier and much more comfortable.
The Pros and Cons of Cordless Power Tools
However, they are not perfect, as they have advantages and disadvantages.

Let us start with the benefits of using cordless power drills

  • The first and the main advantage of using them is convenience. There is no doubt that the minimum weight and the absence of physical wire allow many drill producers create better and very comfortable designs, which provide more usability to the final users. The best cordless drill will be one that is lightweight and comfortable for long periods.
  • The second plus of using power tools without wires is that power outlet is not compulsory to carry on. It is very convenient to use power tools, as you do not really need power sources to charge your devices during the process. The main benefit is that cordless power drills perform using lithium batteries, which gives an opportunity to use these tools wherever you want.

  • The last advantage of using cordless power tools is safety. As you already know, power tools do not have physical cords. Therefore, there is a much less probability of being tripped over the cable on the job site. The fact it uses cords also decreases a probability of being affected by electricity problems.The pros and cons of cordless power tools - cordless drills

On the other side, there are many disadvantages of using cordless electric tools

  • The first one is obviously the price. For example, if you are an experienced worker and you need a plenty of tools on your job site, you should probably spend the fortune on all the necessary tools. If you check the for the cordless combo kit, you are likely to spend more than 1000$ in case you are purchasing drills of a very good quality. Although there are kits, which starting price is about 150$, which are not recommended to purchase. Firstly, their combo is oriented for absolute beginners, where the bundle is not considered to solve as many problems as possible.
  • The second drawback of using them is the power shortage. It is clear to understand that each power drill has battery limitations. However, the cheaper you buy the drill, then much less it’s going to work on a daily basis. According to the cordless drill reviews, the bigger battery inside of the drill, the heavier the tool will be, so you have to keep this in mind when you are going to purchase it.

  • The third disadvantage is low reliability. The reason why most cordless tools are not reliable is due to mistakes made by manufacturers whilst they are producing its devices. The most common problem that arises from wireless drills is a battery of a bad quality, as sometimes it may lose its charging ability over the long term.
  • The last but not least drawback is the power itself. From the professional point of view, some expert drillers require much more energy from their cordless devices. However, cordless tools are mostly oriented to perform medium work rather than executing heavy tasks.

In conclusion, from an objective point of view, disadvantages overweight the advantages of using cordless power tools. If you are the professional and you are looking for reliable drills, it is better to purchase cord (wired) ones.