Essential Power Tools for the DIY Homeowner

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The rising cost of living is a main reason why more and more Australian homeowners are turning their hand to DIY improvements and when you consider the significant savings to be had, it is no wonder. Aside from skill and experience, it is essential to have an extensive tool kit with which to create the various masterpieces around the home, and power tools are a critical element that cannot be overlooked.
Essential power tools for DIY homeowner

Here are just a few of the power tools that every serious DIY enthusiast should have in their tool shed.

Multi-Purpose Drill

This invaluable piece of equipment is vital for fixing things to the wall and if you make sure the unit is of the hammer variety, you can drill holes through brick and concrete without a problem. You would also need an extensive selection of drill bits, which will allow you to penetrate brick, wood, metal, plastic and just about any other material, should it be required.

Air Compressor

For DIY work, rotary screw air compressors are the ideal power source for many tools. A nail gun, for example, will make short work of cabinet making and paint spraying is a breeze with a good quality air compressor, and rotary screw compressors are very efficient, quiet and are easily carried around. When looking at product specifications, CFM (cubic feet per minute) determines how much air the device can generate and ideally, you want something from 1.5-2.5 CFM – which can provide enough compressed air to power any tools you might have. If you are only going to use the compressor around the home, there’s no need to buy a heavy-duty compressor, which is more suited to commercial work, not only that, a small portable compressor will run silently when compared to its industrial counterpart.

Essential power tools for DIY homeowner - air compressor

Circular Saw

Essential for carpentry and woodwork, a portable circular saw will allow you to cut timber to precise measurements and whether you are replacing your patio decking or building a shed, the circular saw will save you a lot of time and energy. Ask any handyman about power tools and they’ll be very quick to point out the benefits of buying top quality tools, which will last for many years.

Essential power tools for DIY homeowner - circular saw

Power Screwdriver

Another time saving addition to your tool kit, a power screwdriver is rechargeable and with complex gearing, is ideal for fixing all types of screws. With a full complement of driver bits, you are able to effortlessly deal with any fixing and the time it saves makes it a worthwhile investment.

Essential power tools for DIY homeowner - power screwdriver

Power Sander

If you enjoy making your own furniture, a power sander is a must as it allows you to effortlessly achieve a very high finish every time. This versatile tool can also be used with metal and it brings up hardwood floors to a remarkably smooth finish, ready for staining or varnishing.Essential power tools for DIY homeowner - power sander


A router allows you to do many things such as creating grooves and recesses when working with wood and such is the versatility of this handy tool, it will become an indispensable addition to your tool collection. This allows you to plane down timber to any dimension and with a few simple applications, you can create your own skirting and architrave from unprepared lengths of wood.

Power tools are an essential part of any handyman’s tool kit and by choosing tried and trusted brands, you can be sure of trouble-free use for many years to come and can take great pride in the fact that you have created many stunning features with your own two hands.

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    This is a very informative post. Every homeowner looking forward to purchasing DIY tools should actually read this.

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    Very informative. Pretty much the same tools I first acquired when I started woodworking, I agree those are the most useful to get you started.Thank you very much for writing this blog.

  3. Lisa T. July 16, 2018 at 10:41 am

    All the power tools you have mentioned are must-have for every homeowner. I have a circular saw, framing nailer, Brad Nailer, pin nailer, and drills. Recently I reviewed a few tools on my website. Keep it up your hard work.

  4. Adam smith July 1, 2018 at 10:38 am

    Power tools are really very much helpful when any homeowner wanna to renovate his or her house, garden or any other woodworking related tasks. But if any newbie took the basic tools for use then I think a proper guideline must be followed. so here need one thing that proper guideline step by step power tools user manual, For the safety and proper cutting the wood and using the power tools perfectly it’s very important to know how to use it. so I think writer must update this content.Thanks

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