Where Should You Put a Safe in Your House?

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When it comes to your personal safety and the security of your belongings, it is important to be vigilant. While one can be careful by locking doors and installing alarm systems, sometimes a few precious items require extra protection. You can always get a trusted safe. If you’re a gun owner, you’ll benefit more from a safe. It will prevent your gun from getting stolen and ensure there are no gun-related accidents at home.

Where Should You Put a Safe in Your House

We encourage you to read on Gun Safes Resources so that you can find the best gun safes for your needs and learn more about them. That said, we’ll give you essential pieces of information about the most practical and accessible places to put your safe.

How Can You Choose the Right Place for Your Safe?

The purpose of the safe will obviously influence the type of safe you purchase, but what’s inside is a significant factor that can help you decide the right room where you can place it. Supposed you want to keep jewelry or papers that you do not need to access frequently. In this case, you can easily keep the safe in your attic or storage room. A downside of doing so is that if you do not visit these areas frequently, you might get lazy about returning things to the safe and may end up lying in your room unprotected. When storing firearms, you will need to purchase a safe specially made for guns and firearms. Place it somewhere you can easily access during an emergency. If you hide your gun safe too much and place it in the attic or some storage room, it will take you a lot of time to retrieve the gun.

When it comes to intruders and burglaries, every moment counts. That said, you should keep it somewhere that is out of reach of children. Some gun owners place their safes in their bedrooms since most individuals living with them won’t enter the room. In case you have a garage, you may be considering storing your safe there. While this may seem like a good idea since you could easily hide the safe behind your usual garage mess, it has some disadvantages. Garages tend to be humid, though a dehumidifier can help eliminate moisture. Additionally, if your safe is not well hidden, it may be visible every time you open the garage door. Thus, you must mount it somewhere not visible to prying eyes. The same is the case if you plan to put your safe in your basement.

Where Should You Install Your Safe?

Once you’ve chosen the area in your house where you should place your safe, you need to decide where to install it. Below are some common and highly suggested spots.

Against a Wall

Placing your safe against a wall may sound counterintuitive if you have children at home. So we would recommend placing it on a shelf placed against the wall. Doing this will give it enough height to keep it away from small children’s prying hands. It will also make it easy and comfortable for you to access it.

On the Floor

You can also place your safe on the floor, which is an excellent option for bigger safes. However, make sure you anchor the safe properly, so it is securely in place. A downside of placing it on the floor is that you have to lean every time you access it. It also won’t be as easy to hide. You could put a tablecloth on it and something on top of it to make it appear like a table.

Where Should You Put a Safe in Your House - luxury gun safe

In the Wall

It is possible to embed your safe in a wall. For this method, you should choose a thick and sturdy wall. The safe itself should also not be too deep. It can also be quite tricky to embed safes, so it’s best to hire a professional for this method.

Inside a Cabinet

This is one of the safest and most convenient places to keep your safe. You can easily attach the safe to the wall of your cabinet. Make sure your cabinet is sturdy enough to handle the weight of your safe. The safe will also be pretty accessible. Plus, you can use it to store essential things that you need regularly.

Where Should You Put a Safe in Your House?

When it comes to storing a gun safe, first make sure that the safe is locked, and that you’ll store the ammunition in a separate place. You can easily bolt or anchor your gun safe to the wall or use one of the methods discussed above. The best thing about gun safes is that they tend to be lined on the inside. This feature ensures your firearms stay in pristine condition. We hope this guide helped you made an informed decision about the best place to store your safe.

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