5 Super Simple Home Installations That Anyone Can Do

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Are you interested in learning all that you can about home installations but hesitant about the workload they can bring? Do you want to find ways of improving your home that don’t require much effort? If so, then you need to learn about simple home installations. Doing so can help you find ways to increase the value of your home without requiring super complex renovations or installations. Instead, you can have the advantages of that home improvement project that much faster.

5 Super Simple Home Installations That Anyone Can Do

See below for several home improvement ideas you can do that are cost-efficient and super simple. Anyone can do these and enjoy their benefits for years to come.

1. New Paint Job

There’s nothing better than a fresh coat of paint, right? By simply laying down a new coat, you can transform the entire aesthetic of a room. Not only is it easy to accomplish, but it’s a budget-friendly project as well. Perhaps you’re wanting to paint the walls a different color to establish a whole new vibe in that room. Maybe you want to paint the same exact color, but just make it look younger and hide those annoying stains.

Whatever the case might be, a new coat of paint can help. You can paint your walls, railing, kitchen cabinets, fireplace, and anywhere else you desire. You might also think of installing some different concepts, such as an accent wall in order to separate the living room a bit and make your house look more spacious. The new paint job is sure to cause your guests’ jaws to drop when they walk in. Better yet, this project can be done in a day, depending on how many rooms and aspects of your home you’re planning on painting. When you’re done with one room, try a portable fan to help it dry quicker.

2. Cleanse the Electrical Mess

Here’s something to think about: even though it’s one of the more dangerous aspects of your home, the electrical system often goes overlooked in a normal residence. Have you ever wondered into someone else’s living room and thought that there was something off-putting about it, but couldn’t place your finger on what it was? Odds are that you were turned off by how many cords they have running throughout the room. Not only are they unattractive to your home’s aesthetic, but they’re also dangerous for homes with kids running around.

To assure the safety of your family, you must perform a total cleanse in your house. Buy several power strip outlets to help organize the areas that require more cords to be plugged in. Make sure that any unused power outlets have outlet covers on them. You can also use this time to change the light switches in your house. For example, if your LED lights in the living room having dimming capabilities, purchase a dimmer so you can maximize their value. It’s all about finding the biggest return on your investment. Speaking of LED lights…

3. Update Your Lighting Fixtures

Are you looking for ways to modernize each room in your house? Perhaps you’ve already put a new coat of paint down, but something still seems off. If so, then you’re most likely noticing that your lighting fixtures seem a little out of date. Fortunately, that’s a quick fix! All you need to do is finish your local hardware store to find some awesome lighting fixtures that you can add to your home.

These could be things like accent lighting on your walls, upgrading your lamp collection, putting task lighting on your desk, track lighting on your walls, pendant lights hanging from your ceiling, and so forth. Each room can have a signature lighting fixture to it. For example, many homeowners are enjoying using pendant lighting above the island in their kitchen. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you could even look for a place to put in a new chandelier.

4. Switch Out Kitchen Hardware

Maybe you decided to paint your kitchen cabinets, maybe you didn’t. Either way, there is one subtle way to change the entire vibe in your kitchen: update the hardware. Visit your local hardware store and see what kind of materials they offer for your kitchen hardware. Generally, you can pick from things like bronze, brass, nickel, silver, black, chrome, stainless steel, or pewter. Many experts are recommending you stay with a neutral color aesthetic. So, for example, if you have white cabinets, then choose black hardware for a hard contrast that’s pleasing to the eyes!

5 Super Simple Home Installations That Anyone Can Do - kitchen hardware

5. Add Crown Molding

Maybe your biggest concern is finding a way to tie the whole house together. If you choose to use different paint colors and lighting fixtures, how can you install an element of uniformity around the house? Fortunately, you can add crown molding to bring everything together. It offers a beautiful transition from wall color to white ceilings. Better yet, it’s super simple for you to install. There are crown moldings you can buy that have a joint compound. They’re lightweight and extra simple to install, meaning you could have crown molding around the entire house by the weekend’s end.

Use These Easy Home Installations to Get Yourself Started

Now that you’ve seen a list of easy home installations, it’s important to remember that these are only the beginning. Knock these all out to create momentum for yourself. After you accomplish them, you’ll feel ready to take on new challenges. That’s when you can reassess what elements your home is missing and how to fulfill them. Be sure to browse our website for more articles on home installations, as well as many other helpful topics that you will enjoy.

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