Can A Dumbwaiter Lift Speed Up Service Times?

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An essential part of service, dumbwaiters are synonymous with speed and convenience. But when it comes to improving service standards or adding value to your home and property, they are often completely overlooked.

Can A Dumbwaiter Lift Speed Up Service Times

So, how exactly does a dumbwaiter work and can they potentially help add value to your business or home life?

What is a dumbwaiter?

A type of small lift, dumbwaiters first appeared in 200BC to allow Romans to move goods throughout a building. Now a regular feature in many professional and private buildings, dumbwaiters earned their name by forming a  direct line to the kitchen – allowing food and drinks orders to be brought to chambers with convenience and ease. This helped cut down on the amount of footwork required from servants and keep sensitive conversations secret from eager ears. As the name suggests, the device is a ‘silent’ or dumb servant that combines all the convenience of a butler bringing you breakfast with none of the inconvenience. These can also be tweaked or installed as required to match existing approaches and ensure that they add value.

How can they help?

In modern times, dumbwaiters are primarily mechanical and used in hotels or select properties to allow for convenience, reduce the workload for staff, or fulfil bespoke tasks. This can allow property owners to send laundry to be cleaned, request food and drink, or ask for items without being disturbed or breaking their concentration. Advancements in technology have made them even more efficient – adding gears, motors, and digital elements to carry out a number of distinct tasks. This makes them perfect for roles that may require excessive footfall, package handling, or dealing with heavy or awkward loads. Units can be bespoke kitchen models, document and trolley lifts, combination lifts and more – allowing for maximum convenience and adding value where it truly matters most.  

Can A Dumbwaiter Lift Speed Up Service Times - food service

Do they really make a difference?

Deploying a unit in the right space and for a specific purpose can bring benefit to private and professional spaces, allowing users to deal with time-wasting, difficult, or hazardous tasks with ease. This makes them perfect for businesses operating in the service industry or are customer facing. This can allow food or requested items to be delivered with speed and convenience, ensuring that they get to customers in a short span of time while freeing up staff to complete other tasks.

Modern units are especially popular in libraries and businesses that deal with packages or freight. These dumbwaiter lift units can often be larger or reinforced to deal with large or irregular sized objects that may otherwise be hazardous or difficult to move. This can make them extremely valuable to individuals living in buildings that are awkward to navigate, those with physical disabilities, or homeowners who may otherwise struggle with physically moving objects and items. 

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