On Schedule: 7 Clever Tricks to Help You Fall Asleep in the Blink of an Eye

Are you having trouble falling asleep? You can resolve this problem by shopping for the best zinus upholstered bed reviews. Your bed quality matters, and is one of several things that contribute to a good night of sleep.

7 Clever Tricks to Help You Fall Asleep in the Blink of an Eye

Along with a new bed, you can use some common well-known tricks to fall asleep quickly.

1. Turn the Lights Off

Yes, it really is that simple. Lights are a distraction when you’re trying to fall asleep. Even a small nightlight can interfere with falling asleep. If it is an issue of vision, replace your nightlight with a light that is motion compatible. That way it will shine only as needed instead of keeping you up all night.

2. Stay Awake During the Day

Those daytime naps may feel good, but are harmful when it is time for a nighttime rest. If you power through the lethargic part of your day, then it will provide a second wind to keep you awake. When night time rolls around, you’ll be exhausted enough to fall asleep instantly.

3. Reset Your Internal Clock

Laying in bed trying to force yourself to sleep can be an annoying cycle. Get out of bed for a few minutes and move around. Sometimes your body isn’t ready for sleep, and may need a little bit of a push to get there. Once you get back in bed, there should be no problems getting some rest.

4. Hide All Visible Clocks

How many times have you stared at a clock in the middle of the night? Looking at the time won’t help you fall asleep. Staring at the clock is a common thing for individuals that have trouble getting rest. Like all bedroom distractions, the light from a clock does more harm than good. Dim the clock light, or invest in a virtual assistant AI to handle your alarms.

7 Clever Tricks to Help You Fall Asleep in the Blink of an Eye - sleeping

5. Make It Cold

Turn down the temperature and wrap yourself in a thick blanket. This may seem counterproductive, but it is considered an effective way to get cozy at night. The more comfortable you are, the quicker you’ll fall asleep. Weighted blankets are the new trend, and work perfectly for this scenario.

6. Hygiene

Make a personal night time hygiene schedule that reminds your body it is time for sleep. This can include a hot shower, soaking in a tub, face masks or even scented lotions. Once you continue this for a few days, your body will kick into wind-down mode and be less problematic at night. Habits are important for falling asleep quick, so keep the cycle going strong.

7. Focus on Something Positive

This is a hit or miss tip depending on what you think about. Focus on something positive, then close your eyes and drift away. For this to work, it has to be something that makes you feel calmness. If your focus is on something that’s considered exciting, then you’ll have issues falling asleep.

Wrap Up

You can make falling asleep a trouble-free process by using any of these seven tricks. Take care of your mind, body and health by getting the rest you deserve. Once the lights are off, all of your problems and stresses melt away.

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