4 Ways to Safeguard Your Kids from Tumbling on the Stairs

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A tumble down the stairs can mean bruises, broken bones, and a visit to the hospital.  Things get especially bad for kids when they fall down the stairs due to some really silly causes.  Apart from the pain that they endure after the fall, some kids also develop a kind of fear of stairs.  You can make your stairs safer by following these very simple tips.

4 Ways to Safeguard Your Kids from Tumbling on the Stairs

According to a report, falls are a major cause of child morbidity during the ages of 1-14.

Adequate lighting

Make sure that there is adequate lighting on your stairs.  If there is a landing, consider installing a bulb there.  Many homeowners consider staircase lighting as a low priority area.  They install low wattage bulbs in this area thinking that stair usage is less. Nothing can be farther from this truth. If you have kids around, expect them to climb up or come down the stairs pretty frequently.  Speaking of lighting, you may also like to consider putting a switch – a light bulb switch- within easy reach of the kids. Once you have installed that switch, tell your kids where it is located and how to operate it. This subject isn’t over yet. If there is a fused light bulb, replace it immediately. Don’t wait for an accident to happen.  You may consider approaching leading wire and bulb manufacturers like Tripsave Cable Covers to give you the best professional advice.

Keep the stairs lit all night

If your kids have their own bedroom on the ground floor and the bathroom is located one floor above, consider lighting your stairs all night.  You never know when your children will get up in the night and go to the bathroom.  They might even use your kitchen during the night. Young children who are studying all night need to go to the kitchen frequently to satiate themselves.

4 Ways to Safeguard Your Kids from Tumbling on the Stairs - kids on stairs


Your staircase should have handrails.  While it is a stupid idea to not have any handrails, what we are suggesting is something different. Your handrails should be within easy reach of your kids. If they are small, then your kids should be able to grasp the rails easily. Don’t install the handrails keeping yourself in mind. Picture your kids first and then go in for your staircase design.

No loose wires

Lastly, your kids won’t fall at all if there are no loose wires on the stairs. Simply remove them after you are finished with your maintenance or construction work. In fact, you may consider creating a checklist before you start work on your home maintenance.  Removal of all loose wires should be at the top of your agenda. There is another piece of advice we’d like to give you; put up a baby gate at both ends of your staircase. This little gate will stop your little one from entering the staircase area. If she does get inside and falls down, the bay gate downstairs will stop her. Consider a baby gate made of soft material to reduce the impact.

There are several things to mitigate the fall of your kids. Always have a first-aid kit in your house. It must have an anti-septic, a bandage, and a plastic tape inside. Secondly, you should have the mobile number of a doctor in your device. If things get worse, consider taking your child to the nearest doctor. Now that we have a list of tips to avoid falls on staircases, let’s follow a few of those. This would make our children lead happier and less stressful lives.

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