Why Timber Stairs Are The Best Choice Every Single Time

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If the time has come for you to change out your current staircase or you are building a new property and you need to make an important choice then you have a fairly difficult decision ahead of you. There are a number of different stair cases to choose from in a number of different materials but it seems that most people always opt for the option that has been working for years and so there doesn’t really seem to be any need to change something that we know works. I am of course talking about a wooden staircase for your property and not only does it look incredibly beautiful but it can be crafted and shaped to suit any home.

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Many people choose Timber stairs because this was the kind of staircase that they had in their homes when growing up and they had a lot of fun playing on it and around it. People nowadays are incredibly environmentally aware and so they want to make choices based on what is good for Mother Earth and what can be recycled and used again and again. Timber is a completely natural product and it is sustainable, so it is the best choice every single time. If you’re still not sure if a timber staircase and stairs is right for your property then maybe the following advantages of installing wooden staircase in your home that can help you to make the right decision for you and your family.

It is incredibly durable

You do not want to have to rip out your staircase because it is showing signs of wear and tear after only a short time. That’s the beauty about using timber stairs because they are incredibly strong and they can put up with anything that you throw at them. This might also be the perfect opportunity to test out your DIY skills when it is installed. If you have kids in the house then these little people are going to be sliding down the banister at every opportunity and so it needs to be able to support their weight and keep coming back for more.

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It’s easy to take care of

You do not want to be spending countless hours every single week trying to keep your staircase clean and because its wood, it can deal with spillages from the kids spilling their orange juice going up down stairs, it can easily deal with dirty footprints and a quick mop with clean water and a little bit of soap can have it looking brand-new again.

It just looks amazing

There is something about the natural look of wood that brings out the best in all of us and it is our attempt to bring a little bit of nature into our homes from the outside. The wood itself is quite unique and no one grain is the same and so if you decide to apply some varnish then it makes the wood stand out even more.

Any money that you do spend on your new timber stairs will be money that you will get back if you ever decide to sell the property. Installing a wooden staircase will add immediate value to your current home and it will be a unique selling point when potential buyers come to look around the inside of your property.

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