Handrail Designs that will make your staircase look stylish

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An elegant staircase can turn into a spectacular focal point in any property or home. The staircase has, for a long time been an attracting element, and its dynamic designs have been evolving for a significant number of years, and its status has transformed. Staircase design has grown significantly to the point that the interior designers have picked it as the star of their different projects. A stylish staircase is identified by several facets. Its design is undoubtedly the most critical aspect in this case, but in most cases, it’s the handrail that plays a crucial role in making it stand out. The handrail has progressively had not only changed from a common element designed to guarantee protection and safety but also to brilliant and chic project detail.

Handrail Designs for stylish staircase

According to many interior designers, it is always vital to note that the handrail is a crucial structural element in any of the staircases. It has the option of having an elusive design by being blended in, or it can play a role as an accent aspect that produces an elegant look. Due to its diversity, handrails are available in distinct models and shapes. In most cases, they are made from metal or wood, and they always look stunning. In other instances, the handrails can be creatively designed to portray an artistic look.

Metal Handrails

A metal handrail appears to portray an industrial-design influence but at the same time in can display a classical style. It’s basically a simple style, and the metal handrail gives support and at the same time offering a refined contrast of texture and color. A handrail bracket is a vital element in the installation of the handrails. To provide maximum support, which is very important for safety, you always need to have enough handrail brackets. In most cases, you will need one at the bottom and the other one at the top. You also need additional ones, spaced at least four feet in between the handrails to offer maximum support.

Chromed metal handrails appear to be more modern and cleaner, but they are not the simplest to be integrated into a décor. In a contemporary home, angles and straight lines are, in most cases, the most popular motif.

Handrail Designs for stylish staircase - wooden handrails

Wooden handrails

In the contemporary interior design, wooden bars have gain popularity among interior designers and decor enthusiasts. An important feature that makes wooden handrail accessible nowadays is its ability to be creatively transformed into different options. An excellent example to produce an elegant looking staircase would be to embrace a cohesive design that will seamlessly complement the decor displayed. You should ensure that the wooden handrails match the flooring to bring out an eye-catching look.

Another common and elegant combination is wood and metal staircases. The creative combination always brings out a contemporary and classic look. To produce a perfect combination, it is still advisable to use the metal as the structure in the staircase while the wood to be the handrails. You can also check the DIY installation of the handrails to customize your creative look.

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