Go-To Questions You Should ask A House Cleaning Service

While some people love to get down on their knees and clean their home from top to bottom with their own hands, some of us are not so well-equipped for this job. Or someone might not even have the time for it. So for us, the best way to keep our house clean is to hire a professional move in cleaning service if you’re moving into a new home.

House Cleaning Service

But before you engage them in your house, you need to know what you are paying, what you get in return, and other vital details. So the next time you hire a cleaning service like Cleanrific Inner West, here are some essential go-to questions to ask.

Go-To Questions To Ask Your Cleaning Service

How Much Do You Charge?

The first most important question is, of course, about money. Some cleaners will look at your house first to provide a more accurate estimate. Generally, the bigger your home, the higher the house cleaning cost. However, you can negotiate a little if you leave out certain areas like the kids’ room or the basement. Also, make sure to ask about their preferred payment method, whether they take cash or Venmo.

Do You Have A Reference?

Always make sure to ask them for references. No matter how many days they are working for, whether it is 20 days or 20 years, you need to see their reference as a token of their work success.

What Types Of Cleaning Products Do You Use?

Always ask what type of cleaning products they use. It is essential to know beforehand because it can help you avoid any allergies that might arise due to the cleaning product ingredients. In addition, some cleaners will also provide unique eco-friendly fragrance-free, natural, and gentle products. However, they might cost you more, so make sure to ask about them.

house cleaning service cleaning the home

What Should I Put Away Before You Arrive?

Ask your professional house cleaner whether you need to put away anything before they arrive. For example, some people might ask you to declutter your place as much as possible. Not only will it help them clean, but it will also ensure that nothing gets lost or misplaced during the cleaning process. Some cleaners might also ask you to lock away your pets. Some might be allergic, some scared, or some might not want your pet to intrude in their work.

What Does The Cleaning Include?

Next, ask what their cleaning routine includes. It is a vital question, especially if you have some must-clean areas in mind. For example, whether they change the bedsheets, vacuum the couches, clean fans – make sure to ask about these separately. This question is also essential as you might ask them to clean some specific areas outside their package, thus leading to extra charges.


And that is all you need to ask your house cleaning service. These questions will give you an insight into how they work, how you can make their work more comfortable, and what you can expect. So next time you hire a house cleaning service like Cleanrific Inner West, make sure to ask these questions! All the best.

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