Declutter and Organize Your Home With These Tips

A home should feel like a sanctuary. It should be a place where you relax and recharge, spend time with family, lounge around on the weekends, and sleep soundly at night. However, if your home is overflowing with clutter or disorganization, it can quickly become overwhelming to live there day-to-day, let alone feel relaxed in that environment.

Declutter and Organize Your Home With These Tips

Organizing your home is the perfect way to declutter your life. You will feel happier, calmer, and more peaceful with a neat house that you can easily navigate around. Whether it’s just one room or many rooms you are looking to organize, follow these tips for organizing your home so you can finally begin with tidying the house and start living in a clean environment.

Clear Out Old Kitchen Appliances

Your kitchen appliances can clog up your counters and drawers when you don’t use them frequently. Clear out old devices you no longer need, such as toasters, microwaves, juicers, blenders, etc., and free up space in the cabinets for items that get used daily or weekly. Make sure to go through the entire kitchen and declutter as much as possible. Clear out old food items, appliances, cooking utensils, dishes, pots, and pans; everything you don’t use anymore, so you can start with an empty kitchen that is organized.

Rent Out a Self Storage Unit

If you have many extra items that will not fit in your home, consider renting a self-storage unit or two to keep all of your overflows from cluttering up your home. You can quickly find a storage unit for your budget by searching for self storage Darlington on the internet if you are around the area. You can stack the boxes up neatly and still have plenty of room to work around them, so they don’t take over your life. You could also use the self-storage units to stage your home for sale. Staging means removing everything personal from each room, so it’s not cluttered or unappealing when potential buyers visit your home.

Declutter Each Room One by One

The best way to organize each room is to work on one room at a time. You can get rid of clutter in that specific area and then put your items back, working from top to bottom, left to right. As you’re decluttering each room, be sure to donate any items you don’t use anymore, so you’re not taking up space in your home with things that are no longer useful.

Organize Closets by Category

Your closets can quickly become cluttered when there is no organization to the clothes inside them. Take time to organize each closet by category, such as tops, bottoms, dresses, activewear, etc., so you know exactly where to find everything when you need it. You can also organize your clothes by color, making them easy to locate when you want something specific. Towels, sheets, and other linen items should also be folded neatly in your linen closet, so they remain neat and organized at all times without becoming too bulky.

Clear Out Your Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen countertops can become cluttered quickly, mainly if you use them as your primary workstation throughout the day. Take time to remove everything and wipe down all of the countertops, so they are entirely free of clutter and smudges. Organize what you will be keeping on your counters by placing items together. For example, place your coffee maker together with your coffee supplies, so you can easily find what you need every morning. If used more often during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you could even organize items by mealtime.

Invest in Some Garage Cabinets

If you have a garage that gets used for storage, invest in some cabinet systems, so you can organize items neatly according to categories. You could use cabinets for general storage, laundry room supplies, tools, etc. There is a prominent place for everything, and everyone knows where you should store it. You can use your garage as a recreation room, workshop, man cave, etc., so take time to organize and declutter it, so you can use it for the specific purpose you desire.

Declutter and Organize Your Home With These Tips - folding clothes

Donate Clothes You Don’t Wear

One of the easiest ways to declutter your home is to donate any clothes you don’t wear. Take a look through your closet and begin pulling out items that are old, outdated, ripped, stained, or just taking up space with no real purpose anymore. If you haven’t worn something in over a year, it’s probably time for you to donate it. The same thing goes for shoes that you no longer wear or accessories such as purses, hats, belts, scarves, and so on. Donate all of the clothes and accessories you have lying around that serve no useful purpose anymore.

Your Basement and Attic Can Make For Extra Storage Space

If your basement and attic lack storage space, take time to organize these areas, so they can become more functional. The basic rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t have to move any boxes or items around to access something else that’s behind it. You should only need to remove one box at a time, so you know exactly where everything is located. You can also use these spaces for seasonal items that you only bring out at certain times of the year.

Why Should You Declutter?

It’s simple, really; your home should be a place where you feel relaxed and comfortable. If things are all over the place, it can quickly become stressful for you and anyone who visits your home. Here are some benefits of decluttering.

●      Less Stress

When your home is filled with clutter, it can become very stressful to clean. Not only are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of items that need to be organized and cleaned, but you may even find yourself avoiding this task because it seems too difficult or time-consuming to make a difference.

●      Easier Cleaning

Once you’ve decluttered and organized your home, cleaning becomes significantly easier. You no longer have to fight through the clutter and try to find a specific item that you know you own somewhere within your mess.

●      Improved Health

When your home is decluttered and organized, you can live healthier. You don’t have to worry about tripping over stuff or having accidents if you aren’t paying attention to where you are walking.

●      Increased Productivity

When your home is organized and clutter-free, you will become more productive in every aspect of life. Whether you are trying to find a specific item for an upcoming project or simply working in the kitchen, everything is easily accessible. You will also have more free time when your home isn’t filled with junk that needs sorting through because it belongs in another room, in the trash, or should be thrown away altogether. Your free time will be used more efficiently when you don’t have to spend time finding an item or researching how much longer you need to hold onto something.

●      A Sense of Accomplishment

When your home is organized and clutter-free, you will feel accomplished. You can show off your newly decluttered space by hosting a party for friends and family or inviting them over for a casual visit. Your friends and family will be amazed at how much you’ve done around the home, which may inspire them to try it too.

●      Better Control Over Finances

When your home is organized and clutter-free, you will feel like you have more control over your income. You can start saving for larger projects that require a significant amount of cash by making small changes in the home that result in substantial savings. Additionally, decluttering ensures that you know where everything is, so you do not have to spend money on items you already have.

●      Gain Extra Space

Once you’ve decluttered and organized your home, it’s possible to gain a few extra square feet. It makes no sense to have clutter taking up space in the house when you can easily remove it and create more room for yourself. Your additional square footage will be well worth the time spent getting rid of unnecessary items that are just taking up space.

●      More Energy

When your home is organized and clutter-free, you will notice increased energy levels. You may find that the clutter throughout the house was draining your energy without even realizing it. Your energy levels can improve when you have a clean and organized space.

●      More Confidence

Once your home is clutter-free, you’ll feel more confident when it comes to inviting people over or hosting events. You won’t be afraid that people will judge the messiness of your home because everything is in its place and thoroughly cleaned regularly.

●      Better Pest Control

It’s much easier to control the pest population in your home when it is clean and clutter-free. Cockroaches, ants, rodents, bedbugs, spiders, etc., are more likely to be attracted to clutter because it provides them with sufficient shelter. Once you have decluttered and organized your home, many pests will no longer be a problem.

In summary, you can declutter your home by organizing, donating, selling, or trashing items that you no longer want or need. You can also rent out a storage unit for additional storage space. This will give you more room in the home and a healthier living environment, and make it easier to maintain a clean house.

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