How Much Does a House Cleaning and Maid Service Cost?

Trying to figure out the cost of cleaning and maid services can be a daunting task. You will not be able to find an absolute figure for how much you ought to pay for a cleaning service. How often one expects a maid service will affect the estimated cost. The average service cost of a maid is normally estimated at $165, though many homeowners may find themselves spending between $115-235 for maid services. The maid service charges per hour will cost you between $25 -35. The square footage charges will depend on the house size. For instance, an area that is less than 1,000 sq feet will average $ 120 while that of 300 sq ft could be $140.

How Much Does a House Cleaning and Maid Service Cost

Some professional cleaning services can perform cleaning service based on the square foot. Such allows maid service to be in a position to determine how long it is going to take to clean a house and get a picture about special attention a house can require such as fragile antiques, high ceiling, and others. Averagely, a single-family home may cost $130. The maid service for apartments will average $ 100 and for businesses, it will be about $150. Moreover, the savings might be between $10-15 per cleaning. You will be able to receive a further discount by paying many cleaning upfronts by simply signing a contract to work for a long period of time. Such will wind up savings of between $50-200 in long run.

The maid service companies have ready set maids and are insured and licensed, but they are normally expensive, say $15-35 per hour. Most of them need contracts and can or cannot accommodate changes in the last minute schedule. However, the companies of maid service are better when it comes to dependability. In case the maid who cleans a house is sick, they will simply call another worker who has similar qualifications as the sick maid. You will need to get references when considering an individual or company and try to check the reviews anywhere you can find them.

How much does a house cleaning and maid service cost - cleaning company

Generally, a whole house is going to cost you more money compared to maid service. The following is an estimate of what you will pay for deep cleaning. You should remember that these prices are average and can change depending on appliances, fixtures, and size of the room.Kitchen– $75 Home office $15 Bedroom $30 average living room $30 Full bath $45 Hall stairs $30 Windows– $ 5 per window and $3 per screen carpet cleaning—$75-200.

In summary, the kind of maid service you decide to choose, level of service chosen, and the frequency a maid service will be hired will depend on your budget and needs. Some individual will want their rooms cleaned on a regular basis while others will prefer the whole house cleaned once in a while. Whatever method you prefer, you need to ensure that a maid service comes to your house to understand a special requirement a home has, which ranges from difficult-to-reach regions to delicate collection of valuables. Such will enable them to give you an accurate estimate for house cleaning.

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