Vacuuming Tips That No One Knows About

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Hair, crumbs, fabric fibers – the vacuum cleaner is a useful aid in the fight against house dust. If you want to clean thoroughly, you should pay attention to the correct order and technique. Which brushes are suitable for which surfaces, and what should you watch out for when changing the vacuum cleaner bag? We have collected the eleven most important vacuuming tips.

Vacuuming Tips That No One Knows About

Plug in the vacuum cleaner, switch it on, and remove dirt from the apartment in no time. Sounds easy, but optimal cleaning looks different.

11 Vacuuming Tips

If you follow the correct order and properly maintain your vacuum cleaner, you will achieve better results – and save time and money. If you want to save money when you are considering a vacuum, you go with the best vacuum under 100 list.

Tip 1: Clean from top to bottom

Even the slightest draft of air whirls up dust flakes. So that the dirt that is deposited on shelves and decorative objects does not land on the freshly vacuumed floor, these surfaces should first be wiped off. If lint falls down, the vacuum cleaner simply swallows it.

Tip 2: First move furniture, decoration, and small parts out of the way

If you do not want to use up electricity unnecessarily due to idling, you should clear away the furniture and decorative items beforehand. Chairs and plants can be found on the table. Caution is also advised with small parts: buttons, Lego bricks, and hair clips do not belong in the vacuum cleaner, because they can damage the device. Therefore, they should also be removed before vacuuming.

Tip 3: Prepare the floors with a broom

Coarse dirt quickly fills the vacuum cleaner bag, thereby reducing the suction power of the device. So that the bag does not have to be changed constantly, it helps to roughly clean the apartment beforehand with a broom. So, the suction is faster, and the bag lasts longer.

Tip 4: Protect parquet, tiles, etc. with the brush wreath

While the brush ring of the universal nozzle is a hindrance when vacuuming on the carpet, it should be extended on wooden or tiled floors. Otherwise, the lack of protection can cause scratches. A kick lever on the top of the nozzle activates the bristles. They also prevent the nozzle from getting stuck in one place.

Tip 5: Do not vacuum wet floors

Remove a puddle in the apartment with a vacuum cleaner – what some consider to be a quick and simple solution can cause lasting damage to the device, because liquid and vacuum cleaner do not go together. If water gets into the filter through the hose, this often results in stench, reduced suction power, and the spread of germs. The reason for this is the heat generated by the engine. It promotes the growth of bacteria and mold inside the device.

Tip 6: Slowly vacuum from the corners to the door

Regardless of its suction power, the vacuum cleaner needs time to absorb all dirt. If you take your time cleaning, you will get better results than someone who vacuums everything as quickly as possible. The position is also crucial: vacuum evenly from the corner furthest away from the door towards the door. This way, dirt does not spread to areas that have already been cleaned. First, the areas under the furniture are on, then the rest.

Vacuuming Tips That No One Knows About - dirt

Tip 7: Use the crevice tool for hard-to-reach places

After the surfaces have been cleaned, hair and lint are often found at the corners and edges. In order to reach them, you can only vacuum with the hose pipe after removing the nozzle attachment. Alternatively, the narrow crevice nozzle, which is standard with every vacuum cleaner, is suitable for hard-to-reach corners.

Tip 8: Don’t forget upholstered furniture when cleaning

Dust also adheres to upholstery. If you want to get to grips with it, it is best to use the upholstery nozzle or brush included in the delivery. On the one hand, it protects the material and, on the other hand, it sucks in hair and crumbs thoroughly – even in the cracks of armchairs and sofas, where most of the dirt collects. This procedure should be repeated every one to two weeks. If the upholstery can be removed, the couch and upholstery should be thoroughly vacuumed from all sides.

Tip 9: Change the vacuum cleaner bag regularly

The best vacuum cleaner is of little use if the vacuum cleaner bag is full. If the container almost overflows, the suction power weakens, and the dirt inside the device can produce harmful gases. Therefore, a vacuum cleaner bag should be replaced after three months at the latest, but better every four to six weeks. How quickly the container fills depends on the size of the apartment and how often the vacuum cleaner is used. It is best to check the fill level of the bag after each suction.

Tip 10: Also clean the nozzles, hose, and filter

Regular maintenance is crucial for consistently good vacuum cleaner performance. In addition to emptying the bag, this also includes cleaning brushes, nozzles, hose, pipe, and changing the exhaust air and motor filters. Replacement filters are usually included in the scope of delivery when changing the operating instructions should be followed. If hair and lint clog the brushes and nozzles, they should be plucked away and thoroughly rinsed with hot water to remove dirt that has accumulated in the hose and tube.

Tip 11: Regular vacuuming saves time and improves the air

How often should be sucked depends on personal well-being and the number of people in the household? If you live in three, you should suck three times as often. If you have pets that have many hairs, you sometimes have to go there every day with these vacuuming tips.


There are many things in life that are much more fun than cleaning. But if you live in a clean household and also want to enjoy a feel-good effect, you cannot avoid regular cleaning work. Vacuuming is one of the most important cleaning tasks. If you want to keep update about vacuuming, you can regularly check If you regularly use a vacuum cleaner, you invest time, but you benefit from several effects: Routine vacuuming is not only faster, it also prevents heavy dusting. The air quality also improves, and the burden for allergy sufferers decreases.

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