Is Doing Your Own Electrical Work Legal?

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Unfortunately, many people think what a tradesman like a plumber or electrician does is easy and they can do it themselves to save money. While this may be true in some cases, in many it is not. These people spent years learning and training under masters to do what they do. But, that expertise comes at a price. Finding an electrician that is both good and cheap is not very likely. Which means that many people take matters into their own hands.

Is Doing Your Own Electrical Work Legal

Instead of looking online like this website for a good electrician, they try to fix their problem themselves. And not only could this be dangerous, it may even be illegal. In this article, I will go over several of the things you need to keep in mind before you attempt to do your own electrical work.

Is it legal?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. Electrical regulations vary from state to state and even between municipalities. Before you attempt any kind of work, you have to call your local permit office and see if there are permits required to do the work and if you are allowed to do it as a non electrician. There are many areas that will allow you to do the electrical work if you own the home and live there. If it is a commercial unit that is being rented out, then being the owner doesn’t entitle you to do the work yourself. In some places, there is a temporary license that you can apply for to be able to do the work yourself.

Should you do electrical work yourself?

There is a Youtube tutorial for just about everything and electrical work is no different. But, watching a video and being able to safely do a job are two different things. Not least of which is that if a job is done incorrectly it could end up being a fire hazard that could put you and your family in danger.

Is Doing Your Own Electrical Work Legal- wiring

If you do decide to go ahead with the work, make sure you are using the proper safety precautions and even the right equipment. Before you do any kind of work, make sure there is no electrical current even if you’ve shut everything off. You can use a non contact voltage tester to do this.

Take some classes

You don’t have to study to become an electrician, but many community colleges and adult learning centers offer classes on DIY electrical work. This is a great investment to be able to do your own electrical work competently and safely. Under the supervision of a professional, you will learn how to safely do your own work for many things to save tons of money by not needing an electrician. Of course, for many jobs you will need to call somebody. But, to do little things like install an outlet or run some wiring to another room, you should be able to safely do this yourself when you learn the basics.

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