5 Pest Prevention Essentials For The Holiday Season

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The last thing you would want to encounter in the middle of the busy holiday season is a pest infestation in your living space. But the problem is more common than you may think. Most homeowners end up paying little attention to pest control at this time of the year because they are too busy. Moreover, you wouldn’t expect ants, cockroaches and rats, making an appearance during the freezing cold weather. Being more vigilant and proactive about pest control during holidays can keep you safe from unpleasant surprises.

5 Pest Prevention Essentials For The Holiday Season

Here are some measures you can implement to stay safe and enjoy the holidays with the festive cheer.

Be watchful about what you bring indoors

If you are keen to keep the decor natural this year, be careful about what you bring indoors. While using greenery from the outdoors to make wreaths and garlands is a great idea, it puts your living space at the risk of getting hidden insects and eggs. Examine every piece of greenery you get inside, including your Christmas tree, because you wouldn’t want it to give access to unwanted guests this season.

Inspect décor pulled from storage

The risk does not confine to the stuff you carry from the outdoors, but there may be dangers lurking in the pieces tucked safely in your storage areas. Your garage, basement and attic may be the home to rodents and bugs of all shapes and sizes. If the last year’s decorations are stored here, don’t just pull out the boxes and carry them to the living room. Inspect the storage area and boxes to check for signs such as droppings and gnawed holes.

Invest in professional pest control

Although you may not have a professional pest inspection and control on top of your holiday checklist, investing in one can make you stress-free through the festive season. Call experts for pest control in PA and find a provider you can rely on. Remember that pest control is something you need around the year rather than only in summers. Winters are, in fact, a risky time because pests look for cozy spots to hide.

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Store firewood away from the house

Homeowners with traditional fireplaces in their living space need to stock up firewood for the holiday season. Although stacking it up beside your back door sounds like a convenient option, this isn’t a great idea. Pests like spiders, cockroaches and ants tend to hide in the piles and can easily make way inside the house with the firewood. It is best to place firewood at a safe distance, even though it means a little extra effort to carry it home.

Keep your holiday treats covered

Food crumbs and leftovers in the kitchen and around the house make attractive treats for insects and pests. Whether you are baking cakes, cookies or fresh bread for the guests, make sure that food is covered and stored properly. Clean the crumbs, and never leave out the leftovers overnight. Insects are capable of smelling food from yards away and will be out for a party when they get a chance. A little caution can take you a long way when it comes to effective pest control. Following these tips would surely help if you want a safe and pest-free holiday season.

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