Simple Handyman Tips On How To Deal With Pests At Home

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It can feel like a full time job keeping our homes and gardens clean and tidy. It’s easy for clutter to build up indoors, especially when we are super busy or have children in residence. Our gardens may be great for relaxing in, but such things as hedges and lawns can need regular attention. Weeds frequently seem to spring up from nowhere too. That’s why Handyman tips made this guide on how to deal with pests at your home.

Simple Handyman Tips On How To Deal With Pests At Home

Besides all these things, there is the added issue of pests. They can cause problems both outdoors and inside. They love to hide in dark locations, and to breed. If infestations take hold, building structures can be damaged or people can suffer with respiratory issues. Added to that are unpleasant bites from bed bugs or fleas. If you sleep with your pet there could be signs of fleas in bed you never noticed. Fortunately there are a number of proven strategies for addressing such issues. We’ll take a look at some of these.

Know Your Limits

Not everyone knows how to identify an issue with pests. They may be unsure where to look, and if problems are discovered they may not know what to do about it. According to this site many people request electronic reports from qualified professionals. Third parties can conduct home inspections using such things as thermal imaging cameras, moisture detection meters or borescopes. Professionals can identify such problems as structural or safety issues, termite infestations or moisture and leaks.

Preserve The Perimeters Of The Home 

The closer pests are to a house, the easier it is for them to get indoors. If there are branches or shrubs overhanging a home, unwelcome critters can get on to the roof or window sills. It’s therefore important to keep everything trimmed back from the house. This will deter such things as wasps, flies, ants, cockroaches, or biting insects. Clean out the gutters regularly too, and make sure that the rain water is able to drain away effectively. Many people keep firewood in their gardens, which can provide a haven for unwanted creatures. The wood should therefore be kept between 15 and 20 feet away from the home. Any rubbish bins should be securely closed, and no pet food should be left lying on the ground.

Don’t Let The Garden Become Overgrown 

If a lawn is not regularly mown during the summer, bugs will come to dwell. If anthills spring up on areas of bare soil, spray them with insecticide. Old furniture or garden rubbish can cause another threat. Dispose of this as soon as possible. Another thing to consider is the issue of stagnant water. It’s easy for this to build up in wheelbarrows or unused plant pots. Bird baths can fill up too. This will often attract such pests as mosquitoes. Remove the water whenever it is discovered, and regularly maintain the bird bath.

Simple Handyman Tips On How To Deal With Pests At Home - overgrown garden

Fill The Gaps Indoors

Pests are constantly looking for ways to get into your home. It may be through gaps in your tiles, or unsealed doors, vents or windows. The garage may have vulnerabilities to outside, and also any basement or attic. Check for holes around wiring or pipes too. In order to keep out the vermin, insects or slugs there are a number of materials to use. There is grout or poly filler for gaps between tiles. Compound cement or expanding foam insulation may be used for holes in walls. When gaps are addressed around windows and doors, unwelcome drafts of air are also dealt with, and the rooms will stay warmer.

Dealing With Fleas

If they have become an issue, first of all deal with the culprit. It may be that a cat needs a special collar, and needs a spray or tablet. Alternatively, a pet dog may need some flea treatment. Use a special house spray to purge the rooms. Thoroughly hoover the carpets on a regular basis, with extra attention to the edges, where fleas try and hide.

Don’t Trust Clothes

It can be common for bed bugs to be brought home from holiday. They can jump from hotel mattresses on to our clothes very quickly. As a result, it’s well worth washing everything at a temperature that will preserve our clothes, but kill the pests. Some people store their seasonal clothes in attics or basements until they are needed. Once again, it’s important to check that there have been no unwelcome guests on them. We have now discovered that many of these courses of action can be relatively simple to do. We need to look after our pets and perform regular house maintenance. Then we can enjoy our homes without unwanted or unnecessary pests.

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    Spot on! Good advice. The best thing to do if you find pests in your home is to identify them and then choose an appropriate treatment.

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    That’s a great article. Being in this business for myself for over 12 years this article nails it!

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