Home decorator Christmas gifts

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It’s that time of the year once again! Christmas is a festive season for any home decorator. Many decorators love this time of year as they enjoy dressing up their home for family, friends, and other visitors. It is only one time a year that it is culturally acceptable for families to be busy prettying up their homes with Christmas things. Mistletoe on the front door, fairy lights on the walls, and a Christmas tree in the living room are the standard holiday decorating items that can be found in any Christian home around this time of year. Everything looks perfect! If you’re thinking of what to give as a present to someone who’s passionate about home decorating, you’re at the right place.
Home decorator Christmas gifts

Read on the find the top holiday themed gifts you can give to any home decorator that they’re sure to love:

Aqua santa village

Fish tank ornaments are a unique present to anyone. Depending on the type and size you can get really cute sets for $10 to $50. You don’t even need a pet fish to enjoy this pretty scene. All you need is an aquarium tank. Fill it with pebbles, stones and marbles for the flooring. Then put some village houses, Christmas trees, and Santa himself. Get your miniature Santa village a new look by immersing it under water. You can add so many features too like mini people, snowmen, and reindeer.

Try setting up a nativity scene by getting mini models of Jesus Christ, Mary, Joseph, and the the wise men too. You don’t have to get your friend an entire set of miniature display. A cute pack of Christmas fish tank ornaments would do just great.

Christmas tree ornaments

One can never have enough Christmas balls so it definitely makes for a great present anyone would appreciate. Give them a chance to try a different look for their Christmas trees. There are countless ways to decorate a spruce so it helps to have a variety of decor handy. Hanging ornaments come in at around $10 to $30 per pack.

Pinecones, birch twigs, and berry stems make for a classic tree that’s sparkling with elegance. For a rustic and minimalist themed tree, try neutral ornaments that play in white, nude, or green. Then add some wood accents like burlap ribbons and jute strings. Blue Christmas trees are also a wonder to look at. Blue ribbons, frosted balls, gold garlands, and white and silver ornaments are a great package to give.
Best home decorator Christmas gifts - Christmas tree

Christmas themed dinnerware

Aside from decors and ornaments, you can also give your home decorator friends something new to add to their table. Holiday themed plates and cutlery are a popular gift that never gets old. It’s useful, on theme, and they can take it out year after year. Best of all, they’re very affordable at only $50 to $70 depending on your taste. How about some special chinaware with Santa Claus designs? Or a dinnerware set with simple holiday patterns in green and red? There are also gorgeous ceramic place setters that instantly remind you of the holidays. For everyday use there’s always the plain sets in red that are very basic yet elegant.

No matter the present, it’s the thought the counts. If you’re out of ideas you can visit personalizable Christmas ornaments wholesale and they’ll create an unique gift fo you. If you want to really surprise somebody special you can make a DIY Christmas Nativity Scene simply by following our tutorial. If you have a pet like cat or dog, you can also make a DIY Christmas tree cat house for your cat or kitten to place beside your terrarium. Enjoy decorating for the season and have a happy holidays!

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