Best tips to Pest Proof your Home

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Best tips to Pest Proof your Home

Insects and bugs do not belong in our home. Not only are they annoying but they can also create unhygienic conditions in your house. A pest infestation is also very hard to get rid of. Some of the insects are quite resilient in nature and once they infest your house it becomes quite a fit to get rid of them.

Many insects contribute to allergies as they carry allergens along with them and some of them are downright poisonous. So what can you do to pest proof your home? Here are 6 tips that will help you proof your house against the insects and maintain the hygiene in your home.

Seal all the openings

Check your house thoroughly for any cracks and openings through which pests can get inside your house. Check your basement and walls, especially check the places where a pipe exits a walls, also check your laundry vents for any gaps. These are the common areas through which pests can get inside your inside. Repair the holes and gaps that you can and if it is not repairable seal them completely, so that the pests and insects cannot get inside your home.

Keep your kitchen clean

Leftover food bits are a major attractor of insects. So always try to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen so that there is no morsels of food left in your kitchen.

If you want to store your leftover foods store them in an airtight container. Check for coffee spills near your coffee maker and wipe them off if any. Residue sugary spills can attract a lot of insects. Also sweep and vacuum your kitchen regularly so that it is always clean and in a dry state.

Learn pest management

Pest management requires a few simple techniques to be maintained regularly like getting rid of stagnant waters. Do not let water stand in an open condition for a long time.

You can place garlic minces in your porch, the odour acts as a pest repellent. If your house is prone to cockroach infections, you can also visit to know about the best roach killers in the market.

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Clean your yard regularly

Compost heads and grass clippings are also breeding grounds for many insects. They can also use fallen twigs and branches to make their home. So cleaning your yard regularly is crucial to keep the creepy crawlies away. Also clean your pet poops and keep the lids of your trash cans covered.

Store firewood away from your house

Insects like termites and cockroaches can easily hide in wood and infest there, especially if the ground below the wood is damp. To prevent the insects from growing in the woods always keep the wood on an elevated surface and away from your house. If you have to store large piles of wood, buy a wood rack, a bench or a wheelbarrow to keep the wood at an elevation from the ground. Also cover your woods with a tarp, this will prevent the access of insects into them.

Make a separate dining space for the pets in your house

Prepare a dining space for your pet preferably on a rubber mat. Your pet may scatter bits of food here and there while eating, so if you keep his food bowl in the floor, the bits and morsels of food will attract unwanted insects. Spilling on rubber mat is much easier to clean. If your house has an ant problem, place the food bowl in a vessel with water.

Final words

Pest infestations are scary and quite tough to get rid of and you might not even know the right way to do so. So it is always better to pest proof your home against insects  to maintain the hygiene of your place.

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