5 Ways to Make Your Home More Unique

If you’re tired of neutral, minimalist or copycat interior designs, you’re reading the right article. It will help you invent an original and unique style for your home. Are you brave enough to experiment? Creativity requires thorough knowledge of mainstream trends, but then you need to get out of the box and add a little twist that is both fitting and surprising.

5 Ways to Make Your Home More Unique

The result will be rewarding – a dashing and cosmopolitan home.

Display Objects That Are Dear to You

That’s the simplest strategy to break the catalogue, copy-paste look. Don’t blindly follow interior design trends, but make your space resemble your life and interests. Add memorabilia, art displays or functionalities that suit your hobbies and lifestyle. It can be anything from a board game table, a picture display of your children’s art, canvas maps of the world like the ones from Bimago with pinboards for your visited destinations, an old sports jersey or a lucky charm.

Break One Interior Design Rule

Many professional interior designers advise breaking at least one fundamental home design rule. It’s hard to achieve a surprise element without it. Our eyes are already well accustomed to walls painted in bright colours, white ceilings, minimalist furniture and frames or matching wood and hardware accessories. Everyone glances over these features without a second thought, whereas the smallest alterations would instantly catch their attention. Think of a coloured or moulded ceiling or metal hardware elements in different hues. Wouldn’t they stand out?

Appeal to More Than One Sense

Your house can be an experience that goes far beyond a pleasant look. Humans rarely perceive reality with only one sense. For example, a city park has to be visually aesthetic but also relatively quiet and isolated from car-fumes-filled busy roads. The same applies to your room. Appeal to more than one sense. Consider investing in decorative scented candles, smell diffusers or plug-in air fresheners. Remember to add cosy and soft layers like woollen rugs, fluffy cushions or a massaging bathroom mat.

5 Ways to Make Your Home More Unique - living room

Experiment With Bold Designs

Some trendy designs take a lot of effort. Therefore, they hardly ever make it to the mainstream. If that’s the case, it’s guaranteed you’ll surprise your neighbours when you implement one of them. An example of a fashionable trend that few people choose is colour blocking. It means that you choose one wall, or one room, and match the colours of all elements exactly. Furniture, walls, doors and so on blend with each other completely. Look for similar underappreciated trends and give them a second life.

Present Your Windows Like in a Palace

Windows inarguably are a key feature of any room. They let the sunlight in and decorate an otherwise empty wall. There’s no point in hiding them behind a curtain. If your drapes are hung just a few centimetres above the window frame and end at the height of the windowsill, you have a few things to improve. The most elegant way to hang drapes is to place a rack as close to the ceiling as possible and make it 5-10cm wider than the window frame. Then, you should display the windows by hanging the floor-long curtains on the sides. It will optically enlarge any window. We hope this guide will inspire you to be braver in approaching your interior design endeavours.

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