Top 15 Eco Friendly Pest Control Methods

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Effective Natural Pest Solutions

Today we are more knowledgeable than ever about the damage chemicals can cause to the world. Not only can pest control methods harm the environment, but they can also be toxic to humans and pets. It is no surprise that people are always searching for effective eco friendly pest control methods.

Top 15 Eco Friendly Pest Control Methods

Many pest control methods are dangerous for people and the environment alike. In a world conscious of wildlife and the health of others, we want to get rid of pests, not the environment. Luckily, many pest control company including are now implementing integrated pest management ensuring that none of its operations harm the environment or human health.

Here are the top 15 eco-friendly pest control methods that will not harm you or the environment.

1. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a form of powdered fossilized algae. It can be purchased in food-grade quality, and some people ingest it. Diatomaceous Earth is natural and helps with pest control, killing ants, termites, cockroaches, and more.

2. Bird Feeder

Birds are an excellent source of pest control because they eat pests. Install a bird feeder and make your garden agreeable to birds. Birds are beautiful to look at and will help naturally control pests.

3. Cover Crops

Cover crops are planted to protect your crops. To keep pests from disturbing your crops, plant cover crops around your garden.

4. Use Herbs

Insects and pests dislike mint, basil, and rosemary. Plant herbs like mint, basil, and rosemary in your garden. You will have an abundance of fresh herbs and naturally repel pests.

Top 15 Eco Friendly Pest Control Methods - herbs

5. Spray Vinegar

Vinegar is a natural way to get rid of ant trails. Ants leave pheromones in their paths to alert other ants of food sources. Spray vinegar to get rid of ant trails and prevent future pests.

6. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural repellants of many species of pests. Find an essential oil that is agreeable and dilute it with water. Spray the essential oil mixture in areas that you want to use pest control.

7. Save Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds emit a strong odor that repels many pests. Save your old coffee grounds and put it at the foundation of your home. Used coffee grounds will deter unwanted pests from entering your space.

8. Keep Orange Peels

Another strong scent that many pests dislike is citrus. Save orange peels and put them on window sills or around the base of your home. The strong citrus smell of oranges will deter pests from entering your space.

9. Season Your Home

Pests are known to hate a variety of spices, like cinnamon and cayenne pepper. Sprinkle cayenne pepper or cinnamon, at potential entry points to your home. Pests such as ants hate cayenne pepper and cinnamon.

10. Create a Sticky Trap

Put petroleum jelly around the rim of a jar. At the bottom of the jar, place something sweet like a banana peel. Insects will attempt to get the bananas but get stuck to the petroleum jelly.

11. Natural Mosquito Repellant

Mix a few drops of lavender essential oil with neem oil and catnip. Put the mixture on your skin and repel mosquitoes naturally!

12. Deter Spiders

Although spiders can be a form of natural pest control, many people fear spiders. Clean your home with lemon juice and water. Spiders hate the smell of lemon and will avoid your home.

13. Old Eggshells

Break up a bunch of eggshells and spread them around plants. Slugs are unable to cross over broken eggshells. Place eggshells in your garden as a natural way to repel slugs and have eco-friendly pest control.

14. Use Cedar Oil

Cedar oil is a natural bug repellant. Ants, mosquitoes, and cockroaches abhor cedar oil. Make a cedar oil spray as an eco-friendly pest control method.

Top 15 Eco Friendly Pest Control Methods - cedar oil

15. Plant Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum flowers are beautiful and they repel bugs. Plant chrysanthemum in your garden to repel insects. Take some chrysanthemum inside and repel indoor pests as a bonus.


There are many natural and eco-friendly methods of pest control. Eco friendly pest control methods are not only safe for the environment, they can actually serve many purposes. For example, getting a bird feeder will attract beautiful birds, and naturally control unwanted pests. Eco friendly pest control methods are nontoxic to you and do not harm the environment. These eco-friendly pest control methods are preferred because they are as effective as poisonous chemicals. Be sure to give these eco-friendly pest control methods a try!

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