3 unique ceiling design ideas to revitalise a room

Designers will often refer to ceilings as “the fifth wall” of a room, and it’s easy to see why. After all, why should the four walls surrounding you get all the attention, when there’s an equally striking space above you that’s just as primed for decorating? If you’re looking to spruce up your own fifth wall, but are a little unsure about how to proceed, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll look at some of the more quirky ceiling design ideas you may not have considered

3 unique ceiling design ideas to revitalise a room

But before you start it’s important to examine the state of your ceiling, and whether or not it needs replastering. This could either involve wet plastering or dry lining, and you‘ll need to be certain you’re using the right plasterboard from the jump. As Building Materials Nationwide Ltd note: “Square edge plasterboard is less flexible as it is more commonly used for plastering, whereas tapered edge plasterboard is ideal for dry lining projects.” So, without further ado, here are three unique ceiling design ideas to consider.

1. Coffered ceiling

Comprised of a series of sunken panels, coffered ceilings are inspired by Baroque and early Renaissance architectural designs in which a roof’s framework involved exposed overhead beams intersecting at different angles. This look has stood the test of time and can create a unique, dramatic visual interest, while also giving an illusion of spaciousness, and helping to improve the room’s acoustics. Although the most common type of coffered ceiling pattern is a series of square-shaped grids, they can be any kind of polygonal shape, and they come in many styles, colours and sizes. For example, you could opt to have both the panels and the boxes in the same colour, or paint them in separate hues to create an eye-catching contrast. And while most people go for plain plastered panels, choosing wood instead can add a real rustic charm to the room. The choice of decorative moulding is also endless, including coving, dado rails, and picture rails.

2. Chandeliers

Rather than putting up some bog standard ceiling lights, why not give your room a majestic feel by hanging a chandelier? This is only recommended for rooms with ceiling heights of over seven feet, however, while you should modify the size of your lighting according to the height of your ceiling. Which style to go for will also depend on which room you’re putting it in, and its look — for more rustic parts of the house, a candle chandelier is the way forward, while futuristic chandeliers are great in modern homes.

3 unique ceiling design ideas to revitalise a room - chandolier

For elegant-looking rooms, you may want to go for a crystal chandelier, which can look a little gaudy in smaller areas like a bedroom. You can also opt for a stylish led chandelier that keeps your room looking very modern. Other things to take into account are the finish and the colour. For example, you could choose a classic brass finish or a polished nickel style, while finishes like acrylic also give you the opportunity to choose striking chandeliers in colours such as red or black.

3. Tin panels

Another great way to bring your fifth wall to life is through tin ceiling panels. These are essentially square metallic tiles you can fix to your ceiling, and can be bought in either authentic or faux metal materials. Tin panels tend to create a shimmering mirror effect, adding a regal feeling to a room. They can be found in various styles with almost any pattern imaginable, giving you plenty of options to suit your taste. The most popular way to decorate ceilings with tin tiles is to use the same style over and over for a uniform look. However, many people decide to mix and match different styles instead, using divergent patterns, colours and textures.

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