Low-Maintenance Vegetables And Fruits That You Can Easily Grow In Your Garden

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We all know how much we should be eating our veggies, but not everyone has the time or patience to maintain them in their own gardens. Did you know that it’s a common misconception that all plants need lots of care to grow well? In actuality, many types of vegetables and fruits can thrive in any type of garden setting, from balconies to backyards.

Low-Maintenance Vegetables And Fruits That You Can Easily Grow In Your Garden

All you need is the right know-how! We’ve compiled a list of low-maintenance plants that will make your gardening experience easy, so be sure to check it out!

1) Brussels Sprouts

These nutrient-dense veggies are a fantastic substitute for potatoes and almost any other food you could get at a fast-food restaurant. They’re easy to grow so long as you have average access to sunlight, cool weather conditions (below 45°F), and moist soil. They thrive in cool weather (spring and fall) when they can grow slowly but steadily.

To grow Brussels sprouts, you can use a standard garden bed or a raised bed. The professionals at Garden Tips 360 recommend that you start by enriching the soil with organic fertilizers and compost before seeding your plants in an area that receives plenty of sunlight. Once they begin growing well, keep the leaves from touching each other through regular harvesting. If your plants begin to yellow and wilt, it means that they’re trying to produce new leaves. You can stop this by pruning the plant, so it only grows sprouts. If you allow it to grow more leaves, your sprouts will become bitter and inedible.

2) Lettuce

For those of us who aren’t too fond of salads, the idea of a full garden of lettuce might not sound all that appealing. However, growing your own lettuce can be a great way to save money from those exorbitant salad costs! Like other leafy greens such as kale and spinach, lettuce is easy to grow so long as you have plenty of sunlight and moist soil. Once the weather is warm enough (spring or early summer), you can start planting seeds in your garden or pots for salads any time of year. You should plant your seeds at least 2 to 3 inches apart from each other since this type of veggie grows quickly.

3) Strawberries

Image having your own strawberries and all of the cakes and desserts you can make with them! Although strawberries come in a wide range of prices at grocery stores, growing your own berries is surprisingly affordable. In fact, it’s one of the easiest fruits to grow. While it’s true that strawberries require a lot of sunlight, they can still be grown in any garden as long as you plant them at the right time. The best thing about these berries is that you can enjoy harvesting the strawberries as soon as they begin growing well in your garden. They also look lovely in their own edible container, which makes for a great addition to any yard or patio! Regardless of the time of year, most plants will need around 6 months before they begin bearing fruit. For this reason, it might be best to transfer your strawberries in or next to your vegetable garden, where sunlight is plenty.

Low-Maintenance Vegetables And Fruits That You Can Easily Grow In Your Garden - blueberries

4) Sweet Potatoes

Image this: fresh, organic sweet potatoes for all of your dishes without having to shop for them! Sweet potatoes are one of the best vegetables you can grow since they’re both delicious and nutritious. They don’t require too much sunlight, which means that you can grow them on an apartment balcony or anywhere else that gets plenty of indirect light. Most sweet potatoes come with two shoots (eyes), and you can replant these in your garden for a simple and affordable way to grow the veggie. Simply chop off the roots from the eyes, place them in a container of water overnight, then transfer them into moist soil when they start sprouting out of the ground

5)  Blueberries

Blueberries are one of the best fruits to grow indoors since they require very little care. You can even plant these in your garden if you’d like, but it’s often more convenient to keep them indoors or on a porch (just make sure that you place them in an area with plenty of sunlight).

All of the vegetables and fruits on this list are easy to grow for those who don’t want to spend too much time tending to their crops. Whether you’re growing them in your own backyard or apartment balcony, these low-maintenance plants will help keep your home stocked with fresh produce all year long! If you were looking for ideas on what to grow in a garden, you should definitely check out our list!

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