If you have always wondered how you could keep your lawns evergreen, there could be things you don’t do that might help you boost the health of your lawns year round. Many homeowners dream about creating a golf-course-kind-of-lawn at their homes but are not able because they lack the ideas that could make this possible. Well, if you have been struggling to keep your lawn healthy, you need to learn new ways of maintaining it.
Lawn maintenance tipsBelow are lawn maintenance secrets you need to try that will help you get the perfect lawn that you desire.

Take care of the low yellow spots

Whenever you see yellow spots, most probably the first thing that comes to your mind is to get pest and fungus treatment chemicals. But you might be surprised that all this goes to waste as the main cause for the yellow spots is because grass around the area suffocated under standing water. The solution when you see yellow spots is to spread layers of compost on the yellow spots to help raise the ground. In a week or two, the grass will sprout afresh and fill the patch so well you will never discover there was a yellow spot before. So, don’t rush for chemicals before you try this. If you didn’t succeed in removing those yellow spots the you should ask the advice from the pros like Lawn Care Madison WI.

Don’t bag grass trimmings

There are different types of mowers and if you own one that is able to shred and drop the grass back to the lawn, then you can reduce the amount of fertilizer required. This is a secret that will save you money as you will realize that it can cut your spending on fertilizer by up to half. Get a mulching mower that will help you spread the grass you trim onto the lawn. This grass will decompose with time and act as fertilizer. You can also add some beauty to the lawn by getting the right lawn edger to help you do perfect lines on the edges.

Beware of lawn-damaging raccoons

Occasionally, you might have discovered small round holes or sometimes large patches of turf rolled up. This is usually the result of raccoons or skunks invading your lawn at night as they look for worms. You might have heard stories from pest control experts who claim to have chemical solutions for this, but the truth is that the solution has nothing to do with pesticides or any kind of chemicals. What you need is to consider installing a fencing mechanism that can repel the raccoons (e.g electric fencing). You could also do with traps.

The most suitable solution if all others fail is to get a few boxes of moth crystals. Sprinkle the crystals on the lawn and the raccoons, due to their sensitive noses, will not be comfortable dining in your lawn and so will opt to go elsewhere. This is a more practical solution that will ensure your lawn remains intact.

Maintaining a lawn is one of the easiest things to do. Besides conventional maintenance practices, you need to also consider embracing options that allow you to protect your lawn from damage by pests. The ideas shared above are a good way to start and promise practical solutions.