The Ultimate Guide to New Generation Oscillating Tools

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If you’re the kind of person who fixes everything around the house or if you find yourself drawn to a lot of DIY projects, then you should probably learn a few things about oscillating gear. These tools can make your life much easier; you’ll no longer have to squint when it’s too dark in your workshop, and you won’t have to deal with slow equipment anymore. 

The Ultimate Guide to New Generation Oscillating Tools

The new generation of oscillating tools comes with a lot of advanced functions and features that can open up a lot of possibilities for you. Unlike your old gear, these new generation tools won’t consume a lot of electricity and will help you work faster. Here’s everything you need to know about them.


There are a lot of devices that can complete different kinds of tasks. For example, the same device that you use to sand wood can also be used to open up an old hole in the wall. You can enjoy similar multi-features if you buy the right accessories or purchase a new tool that can help you out with various tasks. There are a few important features that you need to look for in the tool that you’re going to get. For instance, it should have an LED flashlight attached to it so that you can see clearly in the dark. It also needs to have a very powerful battery to allow you to complete the task in a short amount of time and save you a buck or two on your electricity bill.


If you’re going to invest some money into buying an oscillating tool, then you should probably purchase one that comes with several accessories. The folks over at Oscillating Guide recommend purchasing scraper knives, Bi-metal blades, grinder blades, carbide-edged grinder blades, and sanding pads.

The Ultimate Guide to New Generation Oscillating Tools - cutting floor

These accessories can be fitted onto the same device to complete different tasks, so instead of buying different tools, consider buying one that comes with multiple accessories.

Vital Functions

Typically, an oscillating tool is used for trimming wood and other materials, as well as, sanding furniture, removing rust from metal, scraping grout and adhesive, removing old paint, creating openings in drywall, and so much more. Although it would be wise to buy a device that can be used for different tasks, it’s important to know which vital features you need before you actually buy one. 

If you still haven’t bought one of these new generation oscillating tools, then you should probably purchase one right now. There is no reason for you to keep using your old gear just because you don’t want to spend any more money. Now is the time to make a proper investment so that you can work faster and save a lot on electricity at the same time. There are different oscillating tools that you can choose from, but it’s probably best to buy one with multiple features or get one that comes with a lot of different accessories. That way, you can do a lot of things with just one tool. 

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