How to Find a Garage Door Repair in Chicago

Garage door repair is often a difficult task for a homeowner, even for those who watch endless tutorials online. The reason is that the mechanisms of garage doors are all different. The rollers, springs, and the trails are all special for traditional and contemporary doors.

How to Find a Garage Door Repair in Chicago - repairing

Thanks to this, many Chicago residents turn to a local garage door repair person or company to help them fix their garage door. But how do you find a reliable and trustworthy garage door repair in Chicago? Here are some of our top tips to help you:

1.      They Have a Good Reputation

Before choosing a garage door repair in Chicago, it is important to do some research into the different companies in the area. Look to see which ones have a good reputation with their customers and which ones do not. You can do this by asking for recommendations from family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors, reading online reviews (although it is important to remember that not all online reviews are trustworthy), and communicating with the company about any concerns you may have.

2.      They Provide You with a Detailed Quote

No matter what type of work you need to do in your home, it is a good idea to get more than one quote. Once you have several quotes from a range of different companies, you will be able to compare them to see who offers the best value for money. It is a good idea to choose a company that gives you a detailed and accurate quote. Their quote should include exactly what they think is wrong with your garage door, how long the work will take to complete, and how much it will cost. If you receive a quote that does not include these basic details, you should consider choosing a different company.

3.      They Have Insurance

Working with a garage door is a complex matter, particularly if electrical work is involved. The truth is that anything could go wrong, to the point where someone could be injured, or your home could be damaged. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your chosen repairman has insurance in place to cover any mishaps.

How to Find a Garage Door Repair in Chicago - repairmen

4.      They Provide You with Useful Advice

Upselling is a well-known strategy of trying to sell a customer more than they need. We have all experienced this sales routine in the past, not just with garage door repair companies, but also with many other salespeople. However, upselling is not always aimed at ripping you off. Just because a professional tells you that you need more work doing than thought, does not mean they are trying to fool you. Sometimes these professionals are trying to help us.

So how can you distinguish between the two? Here are some things you should look out for:

  • They bring sales literature with them – this allows you to see exactly what you are buying.
  • They carry a price book – the price book should contain a list of all the parts for garage doors. They will use this book to give you a quote.
  • They know what parts they have in stock – they do not try and sell you products they do not have available.
  • They bring with them a supply of common parts e.g., hinges, rollers, weatherstripping, and motors – this enables them to fix simple problems straight away.
  • They look for the cause of the problem – this is where upselling may benefit both the consumer and the technician. For example, if one bad roller is stopping the garage door from opening, the technician may suggest replacing all the roles. Although this would increase the cost to the consumer, it might also result in better performance and fewer problems with the garage door in the future.
  • They will explain the options – a good garage repairman will explain all the options available to the customer. They will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of replacing or repairing the parts.
  • They take “no” for an answer – most of us do not have an endless pot of money to spend on our homes. Good garage door fitters and repair companies will not pressure you into spending more money than you have available. Instead, they will advise you on your options and let you choose which one is right for you.

Most consumers can tell when someone is trying to upsell them a product that they do not need, but they also have a sense of when someone is sharing useful information and advice. Try and find a company that fits the latter of these descriptions. One of the most important responsibilities of a homeowner is obtaining the right tradesperson for their home improvement jobs. Whether that be fixing a broken toilet, changing a light fitting, or repairing or installing a new garage door, a good tradesperson is essential. But how do you go about choosing the right tradesperson for the job at hand? If you are trying to find a garage door repair in Chicago, follow our top tips above.

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