A recent study found that about 68% of car owners are operating a vehicle that needs at least one repair–and these car owners don’t know what to do about it. Maintaining your vehicle is an important way to elongate your vehicle’s lifespan and keep long-term costs low. Undercarriage car parts are particularly important to monitor and replace as needed.

5 Signs You Need to Purchase New Undercarriage Car Parts

How can you tell if your car needs new undercarriage parts? We’ve got answers. Read on to learn five ways to determine that you need to look into buying new undercarriage car parts.

1. Your Engine Overheats

If your engine keeps overheating, it could mean that it’s time to get a new engine. First, however, take a look at your car’s undercarriage. If the undercarriage is blocked up with dirt and grime, it may be preventing the engine and transmission from distributing heat evenly when your car is running, leading to overheating problems.

2. Every Ride Seems Bumpy

Whether your car has struts or shock absorbers, a consistently bumpy ride may mean that it’s time to replace these parts. Although they function differently, both of these parts are designed to take on the bumpiness of the road and keep your car from vibrating or bouncing while you drive. Neither struts nor shocks are designed to last forever, and they will wear down over time.

3. You’ve Been Driving Over Road Salt

Road salt is great at making roads safer during the winter, but it does some serious damage to your car. As you drive through road salt, it tends to fly up and stick to your car’s undercarriage. If you don’t clean it off regularly, it can start to corrode the materials under your car.

5 Signs You Need to Purchase New Undercarriage Car Parts - undercarriage

4. You’ve Been Driving Over Rocks and Debris

If back roads are your go-to, you’re going to want to pay close attention to your car’s maintenance needs. Roads that are covered in rocks and other debris can wreak havoc on your car’s undercarriage. These hard objects may get caught in your tire’s traction and thrown up toward the undercarriage, knocking parts loose or cracking them.

5. You’re Noticing Visible Rusting

Whether you live in a high-humidity area or drive through the mud on the regular, any increase in moisture can lead to an increase in rust. Some cars have been treated with a water-resistant sealant to stave off rust build-up, but older models may need a touch-up. Keep an eye out for rust under your car and on the lower edge of your car’s body and make sure you don’t keep driving with rusty parts.

Your Car Isn’t the Only Vehicle You Need to Maintain

Cars aren’t the only vehicles that need regular maintenance. Tractors and other outdoor work vehicles are also prone to becoming damaged over time, and these repairs can become costly when not addressed right away. Stay on top of your John Deere undercarriage and replace parts as needed.

Take Care of Your Car With Undercarriage Car Maintenance

Over half of Americans don’t know how to spot basic maintenance issues with their car, but all hope is not lost. With our guide, you can keep an eye out for issues with your undercarriage and get undercarriage car part replacement right away. If you find out that parts cost more than the whole car, you can check out car financing options and simply by a new car. Looking for more tips to become a regular handyman? Take a look around our website and find out everything you need to know to become more self-sufficient.