The Top 3 Most Common Toilet Problems

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The toilet is an important fixture in any home and being able to keep it in proper working condition is a must. A busted shower is an inconvenience but one that can be worked around and you can also find a temporary solution to a broken kitchen sink. If it’s the toilet that has issues though, then everyone at home will feel the consequences. That’s why we composed this thorough guide to fixing most common toilet problems for the average homeowner.

unclogging the toilet with a plunger

A broken toilet can be a source for serious discomfort, but it’s important to note that you are not helpless against it. Many of the common problems that can affect toilets are ones you can fix yourself even if you aren’t particularly handy. In this article, you can learn more about how to go about addressing the most common issues that can affect your toilets.

The Problem: The Toilet Is Clogged

A clogged toilet is something that most homeowners have dealt with at some point or another. Someone may have accidentally dropped something that doesn’t belong in the toilet bowl and suddenly, nothing is going down no matter how much you flush.

Aside from being unable to use the toilet, clogging can also be a real nuisance because it can cause overflow, leading to water flooding your bathroom and making a huge mess.

The Solution

To address your problem with the clogged toilet, you should first get the right type of plunger. According to Lowe’s, a plunger with a cone that extends from the bottom of the cup is better for toilets. Before you start using the plunger, make sure to turn off the water supply valve. You can usually find that located on the section of the wall behind the toilet base. Next up, check if there’s at least two to three inches of water in the toilet bowl. Add water if there isn’t enough of it.

Aim for the toilet drain next using the plunger and start pumping. Continue pumping until you notice that the water is now draining as intended. Don’t forget to flush all the debris in the toilet away once you’re done pumping.

The Problem: A Weak Flush

Though not quite as serious as a clogged toilet, a toilet with a weak flush can be annoying to deal with too. It’s common courtesy to make sure that the toilet is clean after you’re using it, but what should only take a few seconds can extend well beyond that if the flush is not forceful enough.

fixing running toilet

The Solution

Weak flushes can be dealt with pretty easily. The best tool for fixing a toilet with a weak flush is a wire that is capable of being bent. Use that wire to poke at the flush holes. The weak flush may very well be due to them being clogged. You can also target the siphon jet in the toilet drain to further improve the strength of your toilet’s flush.

The Problem: A Loose Flush Handle

Many of the newer toilets are no longer equipped with flush handle, but if you have an older model, it likely still has that particular component. The age of your toilet may even be part of the reason why the flush handle is no longer working as it should. With a loose flush handle, clearing out the toilet bowl becomes tougher and no one wants that.

The Solution

The Spruce has a very simple method for fixing a loose flush handle. To start, open up the tank and then look for the lift wire in there. The lift wire is the component that connects the lift arm to the flapper. You need to reconnect that lift wire. While you’re in the tank, work on the mounting nut too. It may have sprung loose at some point and you should go ahead and tighten it. You can do that by rotating the mounting nut in the counterclockwise direction. A malfunctioning toilet can inconvenience everyone in your home. By remembering the things mentioned above though, you won’t have to sit idly by the next time something goes wrong with your toilet and yoi’ll be able to fix the common toilet problems with ease.

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