Fencing plays an essential role in the design of any home. Not only does it have to serve its purpose of guarding your house, it also has to look appealing and work with the general look of your home. Depending on the type you choose, it could also have a direct impact on the value of your home.
Fencing types

Here are some of the most popular types of fences on the market.

Aluminium Fencing

Aluminum fencing is considered by many as a great choice for urban areas. Aluminium fencing can be used for both the front and your back garden. It’s also very low maintenance and will need nothing but a fresh coat of paint every once in a while to look fresh. However, aluminium fences aren’t always the most secure and they’re also not the best for areas that have to deal with extreme weather.

Steel Fencing

Steel fencing can be found in pretty much all shapes and is very versatile. There are even stainless-steel fences on the market, which are perfect for people who have to deal with salt water for instance. While salt water will erode most structures, stainless steel will maintain its appearance. Steel fencing is also the best option for security. If you want to learn more about steel fencing and its benefits, see Network Steel who are steel fabrication experts.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is another material that is gaining in popularity. While it is not the cheapest, it has its fair share of advantages. Probably the biggest is the minimal amount of maintenance they require and their resistance to paint and staining. If someone happens to spray graffiti on a vinyl fence, you’ll be able to clean it away with nothing but mild soap and water.

Fencing types - vinyl fencing

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing isn’t always the most versatile, but it does have its charm. Wood still remains the material of choice for farms and can also be great to serve as barrier between the street and your property. It isn’t the most affordable and costs can end up ballooning, especially if you’re using it for a large garden for instance, but it can work depending on the setting.

High Tensile Fencing

If you have a lot of farmland to guard, then high tensile fencing might be the better choice. It is durable, easy to deploy and is very adaptable, making it perfect if you want to section off grassland or acres of crop. You can add barbed wire if needs be and high tensile fences make it easier for you to do things like feeding livestock for instance. High tensile fencing can also be electrified to prevent predators from entering or livestock from wandering.

As you can see, there are plenty of types of fencing available depending on your needs. Each of these options have their set of advantages and all may not be suited for what you were looking for. Don’t be afraid to weigh your options and call a professional if you need more information if a particular fencing type seems to fit the bill.