What Air Conditioner is Perfect for my Room?

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It gets hot during the summer months. Luckily, window air conditioner units have been a cheap fix for this since the 1970s. Most people just ask the employees at Home Depot which one to get, because they want something that will cool their room amply if they are spending their hard-earned money. One of the main problems with doing this project yourself, is that a lot of people aren’t sure how BTU’s convert into actual cold air per square foot. Hopefully, this article will let you know exactly how to pick the right air-conditioner to accommodate the square footage in your home, without overworking the unit or leaving you uncomfortable during the hottest parts of the year.

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We’ve done extensive research on this topic, and we’ve also had years of experience before this with our own air conditioners. No one likes to be uncomfortable in their own house. We’ve also recommended a good place to find a top-quality air-conditioners online, to make your job a little bit easier when it comes time to buy a window AC to suit your needs. We’ve included a link to an easy to use BTU calculator at the end of the second paragraph, just in case you are unsure. We hope this helps you stay cool and comfortable all year long, and also provides you the know how to pick a unit that will last for years to come!

So How Do I Pick the Right One?

Finding the right size air-conditioner to cool your home effectively is a top priority. For people that don’t know anything about how BTUs convert into actual cooling ability per square foot, shopping for the right window unit can be very frustrating. Maybe this will help… For the most part, if you have a small efficiency apartment at around 200 feet, a 5000 to 6000 BTU AC will be more than enough for you.

If your apartment is around 600 to 700 ft.², you want to go with a 15,000 to 20,000 BTU air-conditioner for ample cooling. If you’re buying an air-conditioner for just one room on the other hand, a 5000 BTU window unit is more than enough to freeze yourself even in the hottest months of the summer.

If you want an air-conditioner that will heat your whole home, for instance with 1000 ft.² or more, you want to look at something in the 20,000 to 25,000 BTU range. Another option is to consider getting window units for multiple rooms. Having multiple air-conditioners will give you the added benefit of being able to control the temperature in different parts of the house. If someone prefers the temperature warmer and someone prefers the temperature colder, getting multiple units may be your best option. Here is a nice BTU calculator if you need more help calculating what’s right for your needs!

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Where Can I Get the Best Deal?

Aside from is going into Home Depot and asking what the best deal is, there are a number of places online where you can find a good deal on air-conditioner.

One of our favorite spots is CoolEarth. They offer free inspection, expert service, and very reasonable prices. If you want your air-conditioner professionally installed, calculated, and set by experts to be perfect fit for your square footage. One of the problems with going into Home Depot with a lack of experience and just grabbing the best deal that they have, is that you may not get the best quality product. Granted, many units will have warranties, but the fact is, without experts involved, you’re risking failure at some point. You’re either risking buying a cheap product with costly manufacturing shortcuts being taken that will challenge the integrity and life of the product, or you’re risking paying too much for your air-conditioner. You can have experts install a top-quality product for the same price, so there is no reason to chance it.

Final Thoughts

In the end, your goal is to be happy and comfortable in your home. Avoid buying off name products that are priced way lower than the name brand models, because the truth is, it takes a certain amount of money to manufacture these products. If the deal seems too good to be true, chances are you can end up paying for your purchase somewhere down the road. If you want to protect your investment, come out ahead, and amply cool your home, getting a sound understanding of what products are best, and how the BTUs convert into square footage ahead of time will pay you substantially when it comes time to purchase a product. More directly, having a sound understanding, or an expert opinion can be the difference of whether you regret your investment or end up proud of it for years to come. Happy shopping and stay cool!

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