How to grind a tree stump

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Most people in the world have trouble with tree stumps around their home compounds as well as their garden. Many opt to remove them due to various reasons, the main one being their hazardous effect. Stumps are camouflaged by weeds, grass, and other plants thus attracting hazards and even taking up valuable space which can be used for beautification. They further become eyesores where they start dotting the landscape. There are different types of stumps some of which are easily removed while others can be difficult to remove. This leads to an application of different techniques in the removal of stumps in your garden. For instance, when removing a stump from a deciduous tree, it can be difficult than removing the same stump from a pine tree. Below are some of the ways you may use to remove a tree stump from your garden.

Contact Professionals

The stump grinding Brisbane are the professionals you should never ignore whenever you think of removing stumps in your home. PROSTUMP professionals have the best equipment and tools that you require. These tools may include stump grinders which are the most effective tools used in the removal of unwanted stumps. They are known for chipping the stump and roots to 350 mm below the ground level.

As professionals, they handle such tools with care and avoid accidents that are likely to occur to unprofessional stumps removers. They have special skills in the removal of a tree stump, from grinding to removing of the tree’s root system. PROSTUMP also helps in minimizing property damage thus preventing any damage and mess of all property surrounding the tree stump as a result of their expertise. It is worth noting that these professionals are cheaper in relation to the prevailing tree stump removal rates. Furthermore, they leave your garden balanced and ready for flowers or grass planting immediately.

How to grind a tree stump - walk behind stump grinder

Remove Tree Stumps from your Garden Using Chemical Removal Method

This is another commonly used method. Start by drilling holes into the unwanted stump using a drill bit and make sure that the holes are placed on the surface area so that you can get maximum effect. Then, apply the stump chemical into each hole. Most of these chemicals contain powdered potassium nitrate that softens and reacts faster on woods making it rot quickly. Remember to use these chemicals correctly because if used incorrectly, they may be extremely harmful. Always consider contacting experts such as PROSTUMP while applying these chemicals in order to prevent dangers. The tree stump starts rotting after some time and can be removed with ease using a shovel or an axe. Remember to fill the hole with fillers such sawdust to prevent the risk of chemicals and to stabilize the ground.

These are just some of the ways that you can use when you want to grind a tree stump from your garden. Remember that unattended tree stumps are hazardous and attract dangerous fungi which spread to other healthy plants and trees in your garden. They make a home for hornets, cockroaches, snakes, termites, wasps, mosquitos, mice and rats. These insects may spread infections to other areas of your property.