Metal Roofing Maintenance Methods and Important Tips for Homeowners

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If you have metal roofing, you need to learn how to maintain it through different weather conditions. While it requires less maintenance than other types, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure it lasts for a long time. You’ll need to protect it from rainwater leakage, potential dents or scratches, corrosion, or degradation.

Metal Roofing Maintenance Methods and Important Tips for Homeowners

Here are a few methods to maintain your metal roofing.

Cleaning Your Roof

Your metal roof needs to be cleaned periodically depending on your location and weather conditions. If your house is subject to frequent rain and strong winds, your roof will collect more debris than a house in stable weather conditions. A good rule of thumb is to get your roof cleaned once a year. If it gets dusty or accumulates dirt more than usual, you might want to clean it every six months. You should remove all the debris or harmful materials that could get stuck on the roof. A regular cleanup can be done using a mixture of water and detergent of any kind. If there are tougher elements stuck on your roof, you can use rubbing alcohol to dissolve tough stains like grease, paint, or oil. If there are any signs of mold or algae, make sure to add some bleach to your detergent solution.

Maintaining Your Roof’s Structure

Structural maintenance may require hiring a professional to make sure your roof is fixed and steady to withstand tough conditions. It’s a good idea to perform structural maintenance once every couple of years to ensure your roof is intact. Again, it depends on your geographical location and the type of whether your house is subjected to. Extreme hot or cold conditions, hails, hurricanes, or other weather fluctuations can affect your roof’s structure.

Proper Sealing for Your Roof

Another thing you should include in your checkup is sealing. Make sure you use a sealant to prevent water and dirt from entering your house. You can use a durable type of sealant to ensure that it lasts longer. Check for other penetration points like around the chimney, solar panels, or air vents to make sure the flashing materials are intact. Make sure there were no punctures in the roof, which may occur from flying debris after windy weather.

Metal Roofing Maintenance Methods and Important Tips for Homeowners - roof

Checking for Loose Materials

Screws and fasteners used to keep your panels intact are subject to loosen up upon frequent exposure to windy seasons. You should make sure to get those checked once the weather has stabilized. Make sure to install snow guards for standing seams for your metal roof to avoid accumulated snow. It’s important to make sure the seams are still fixed and haven’t moved after a heavy snowfall. You should also check to ensure that the flashing materials are still tight and sealed to prevent water leakage and other potential problems.

Preventative Measures

If there is a leaning tree on the roof of your house, make sure to remove it or trim its long branches to avoid constant rubbing on your roof’s panels. This frequent abrasion will remove the roof’s finish after a few months. In windy weather, these branches may even loosen the fasteners or cause dents or abrasions on the surface. This damage is tough to repair, so you would end up replacing the damaged seams. Make sure to get rid of fallen debris on your roof because it could rot and damage the finish. Use a brush fixed on a long pole to help you reach the far objects. Your roof gutters should also be cleaned regularly, as they accumulate the most debris. Clogged gutters on metal roofing won’t allow it to dry after rainfall, which leads to metal corrosion.

Avoid walking on the roof as much as possible to avoid dents or complete damage to the roof panels. It’s necessary for a professional to step on the roof to install new panels or perform other maintenance tasks, but it shouldn’t be a regular thing to maintain its integrity as much as possible. If you plan to paint or spray your house’s exterior, be extra careful not to let the paint or spray reach the roof. It is impossible to clean off and the stain ruins its aesthetic, which forces you to replace it when it is perfectly functional.

Try to keep those tips in mind to ensure that your roof is maintained. Metal roofing is one of the most durable materials for your house. With a few simple maintenance tips, you can keep your metal roof intact for years to come.

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