6 Easy DIY Home Improvements For A New House

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More often than not, it’s unrealistic to find that perfect house. Sure, it might have the style, size, and location you’ve always dreamed of, but there will always be a couple of things that need shaping up and your personal touch. There are loads of great projects that you can do yourself that can really bring a house together, and more importantly, you can do them without breaking the bank.

6 Easy DIY Home Improvements For A New House

It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen a house for sale in Syracuse NY, or a cottage up for grabs in Tampa FL, these following DIY projects should help you turn any new house into a welcoming home.

1) Replace Outdated Light fixtures

New lighting fixtures can go a long way in making a room feel fresh and new. Many old houses have old lights and ceiling fans that aren’t too efficient, and if the wiring is in place, it can be easy to replace them with something newer and sleeker. Design and efficiency aren’t the only things that can be improved; investing in an LED bulb can also completely change the ambiance of a room by glowing in various colors.

2) Utilize Unused Corners

Nothing’s more frustrating than having an oddly sized room where nothing quite fits. However, a great solution for odd corners can be shelving. It’s easy and cheap to put up some floating shelves to enhance your storage space and liven up your room. You can also experiment with turning odd corners into comfortable nooks with choice furniture.

3) Break Out A Fresh Coat Of Paint

If your room’s color isn’t quite to your liking, it’s time to whip out a paintbrush. You can make a statement with a bold color choice or brighten up a room with some light colors. You could even experiment with painting your ceiling for extra effect. It may also be worth checking if your room needs a fresh coat anyway, as chipped and peeling paint can leave a room feeling drab.

4) Freshen Up Your Bathroom

A clean bathroom means a clean mind, and often unused houses have bathrooms that can fall victim to mold and staining. This can be especially prevalent on the tiles and grout, so it can definitely be worth re-grouting and cleaning your bathroom tiles for peace of mind. A simple refinishing kit can get your tiles and grout looking as if they were brand new, without the cost of completely re-tiling your bathroom.

6 Easy DIY Home Improvements For A New House - bathroom

5) Update Your Cabinets

Replacing entire cabinets and drawers can be costly, but simply replacing the hardware such as knobs and handles is a great cheap alternative that is still effective in providing a new look. Just be sure to choose a style that compliments your current cabinets/drawers, and make sure it’s made to fit the drill holes left behind when you remove the previous hardware.

6) Use Mirrors To Create Space

If there’s a room or hallway in your new house that can feel a bit cramped or small, a mirror can really help in making it feel less claustrophobic. While the reflections make small rooms feel bigger than they are, they’re also great for reflecting light and brightening up a space. A simple wall mirror placed in the right area can light up an otherwise small and dark room to make it into a cozy nook ready for inhabitance.

Bottom Line

Even the smallest change can make the largest difference when undertaking DIY projects in a new home. Discover just how easy it is to liven up any home by employing these DIY home improvement tips for your new property!

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