Whether you are selling or moving away from your old house, cleaning it can really be a very messy task. The accumulated dirt, damages and deterioration of the overall condition of the old house will surely give you a shock. However, it is very important, in fact, it is a must that you thoroughly clean the house, especially if you are going to vacate it soon. Not only will it appeal better to prospect, buyers,  it will also be a form of respect to the service and security the house has provided you for all of those years. Also, how you treat your house is a good basis for your attitude and upbringing. Believe me, it will definitely have a very significant negative effect, if you leave your old house in a mess.

Tips for cleaning out an old house

With that being said, no matter how hard the task at hand is, there is still no impossible task if you have the will to do it. If you just think positively and objectively, then cleaning an old house will surely be a lot easier, (and if it doesn’t, hiring a house cleaning service is always a good option). By planning ahead of time on how you will clean the old house, then you will definitely save a lot of time and effort in going back and forth. Here are 5 tips to cleaning out an old house.

Clean the Kitchen

Arguably the dirtiest part of the house, it is where we prepare our food for our everyday meals. Thus, it is normal for it to have a lot of discolored and broken tiles, dark grout and even grime and mold. Plus, the spoiled foods and rotten fruits left behind have surely invited a nest of cockroach and even fire ants that are hard to deal with.

To clean the kitchen, you will have to unplug the appliances first for safety purposes. After doing so, use a strong disinfectant to clean and sanitize the kitchen sink, tiles and floors (spin mop is a good option for the floors). Wipe the tables and cabinets with a clean cloth to remove accumulated dirt and mold. For hard to reach corners, you can use small brushes or specially made equipment for kitchen cleaning. Then, wash all cook wares, plates and other kitchen utensils. Leave the area for about an hour to achieve an effective sanitation while also drying the kitchenware before you return the items to their places.


The only area which can compete with the kitchen as the dirtiest area of the house is the bathroom. Flush the toilet, remove the shower head and its tube if it can be re-installed and clean them thoroughly. To clean the tiles and tub, you can also use a strong disinfectant to brush the tiles along with the grout to remove accumulated grime and mold. Then, spray an air freshener so that it will have a new and fresh scent.

Living Room and Bed Rooms

In cleaning the living room and the bedrooms, the first step is to remove all the curtains, seat covers, pillowcases, bed sheets and other removable cloth. Then you can start cleaning the room thoroughly using a sweep and a dustpan. If you want to make things faster, then you can use a vacuum cleaner. Be sure to include the windows in your cleaning. There are many cleaning liquids for windows that can be bought in the stores that can significantly restore your windows to their original condition or at least close to it.

Front Yard and Garage

After cleaning the interior of your house, do not forget to also clean and restore the look of the exterior of the old house. Start by cutting the grass in your lawn, landscaping it would also be a better idea if you have the time and the skill. Cleaning the garage can also help improve the exterior look of your house. Organize your tools to their respective shelves, check if the roll-up doors in your garage needs repaint.

Hire a Dumpster for your trash

Surely, after doing the 4 steps above, you will have accumulated a lot of trash. And leaving bags and bags of trash outside of your house is a big no, not to mention the broken furniture and appliance that you have discovered. This trash will definitely be an obstruction to the restored view of your old house. Furthermore, it can be a source of mess or unwarranted trouble if left behind. That is why consider hiring a dumpster to dispose of the trash. You can check the guys at Eagle Dumpster Rental for great deals in disposing of your trash.