Hanging Up Lights Around Your Home

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Perhaps your Christmas vacation has been canceled, or you’re no longer considering going to someone’s house for New Year’s. Either way, it has made people more mindful of decorating their home for the holidays. Perhaps you are someone who wants to go beyond the traditional Christmas tree, or someone who wants to up their light game.

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It can be a fun DIY project for sure. In this post, let’s look at some tips.

LED Christmas Lights or No?

First, it’s important to decide whether or not you should go with traditional or LED lights. LED has its share of pros and cons, so let’s look at both.

The Good

  • They are energy efficient. If you want to decorate your entire home with lights, it won’t hurt your electric bill too much.
  • These lights come in a variety of colors and shapes. Great for the person who likes it all.
  • Finally, these lights do not get hot. With traditional lights, pets and children may touch them and get hurt. In extreme cases, they may catch fire.

The Bad

  • They do cost a lot more. As mentioned, the electric bill costs will be much less, but it does require an initial investment. That is definitely something to consider.
  • LEDs can emit blue light. This can cause eye strain, difficulty sleeping, and in some rare instances, nausea.

Planning is Important

For some people, they just buy a bunch of lights and then see where the decorating gets them. That rarely works. Usually, you end up with too many or too little lights, or realize that there’s no outlet. It’s important for you to plan. First, pick a focal point. Begin with columns or another area that’s of focus. From the rooftops to the bushes, there are many areas and paths you’ll want to consider.
In addition, look at the surface and see if it will hang. For example, when hanging on your roof, you may want to consider how flexible your shingles are. If you’re someone who is trying to hang from your gutter, consider how thick it is.

How Many Lights Do You Need?

This is another consideration you should think about. Too many decorators end up buying too much or too little. If you’re decorating the shrub, 100 lights per 1.5 feet is a good way to measure, but how many you want can depend on your preference. Some lights are packed densely, allowing your home to be seen from further away. In addition, if you are using something such as icicle lights, the density is important for them to get noticed. Use a tape measure to see how many feet you want to put the lights on, and then adjust accordingly.

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Are the Lights Approved for Outdoor Use?

Some lights are not for the outdoors. They can get damaged by the elements outside, making your investment worthless. Always make sure the lights are ideal for your location.

Other Safety Tips

It’s always important to check your holiday lights to see if there’s any damage to the cords. When using extension cords, make sure they can be used outdoors as well. It doesn’t hurt for you to do a little safety check beforehand. For hanging lights from up above, consider investing in a hanging pole. This can prevent you from having to climb up a tree or rooftop yourself. It can be dangerous, especially when it’s a little slick outside.

More Considerations About Lights

When picking lights, here are some other considerations you should make.

  • Color schemes. You may want to pick lights that are complimentary or go well with the holiday season. LED lights can have various colors to them.
  • Get some light clips. These are the best way for you to mount your lights without any issues.
  • Try investing in a timer. This way, you don’t have to worry about turning them on or off each night. Timers can be set to turn on or off at certain times. For example, you may not want the lights on while you’re asleep. Other timers can detect light and turn on when there is no light.
  • Finally, have fun. It’s important to plan, but there is always an unplanned moment that can happen as well. Hanging lights can be a fun way to show off your home, and it can be a way for you to enjoy being at home for the holidays.

Seek Help

The winter season can be depressing on anyone. From being trapped inside to less light outside, it can make it so that hanging up lights is a chore. Luckily, online therapy is here for you. BetterHelp therapists allow you to talk to a therapist online, giving you the help you need.

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