Carpet Cleaning Tips

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Did you know? The Carpet and rug market in the U.S. is the largest accounting for 27.06% of the global market share. The market is estimated to generate a revenue of 39 billion dollars in 2021 according to Report Linker. There can be several reasons for such a huge market. One loves to walk on a featureless carpet during winters when the floor is so cold or in summers when the floor is burning like coal. Carpets not only make you feel comfy but also add class to your interior.  Carpet is used for walking, sitting, and even for sleeping. Toddlers crawl on these carpets and your kids might sit on them to play games.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Thus, keeping these carpets clean and tidy is also important. Bacteria can last up to 4 weeks inside the carpet which can be a source of nasal and skin infections. Your family health can be affected a lot by these carpets and when the world is hit by a coronavirus pandemic you ought to keep these clean. Below is a list of carpet cleaning tips that will keep your carpet neat and tidy.

1. Do not scrub, Always Blot!

We always try to be careful while we are sitting on our carpet to avoid spills or stains on them. But it does not matter! There are always instances of drinks spilling on the carpet. The first instinct we produce to this response is scrubbing the stain out. But wait! scrubbing the stain drives the stain inside the carpet. Rather prefer blotting for carpet cleaning. Gently soak the spill matter by applying little pressure from outside and towards the center.

2. The Vinegar and Club Soda solution

Had a blast at the party but worried about the carpet stains? Well, here is a cost-effective carpet cleaning tip. Initially spray some club-soda on the stain and blot it. If the stain starts to come out great else, make a solution of white vinegar and water mixed equally. Spray the solution on the stains and wait for 10-15 minutes. Afterward, blot the area with the help of a sponge soaked in a mild detergent. Rehearse the same process couple of times till the whole stain is out. Well, your satin is out!

3. Cleaning it regularly

The best carpet cleaning tip is by cleaning the carpet daily. Yes, you heard it right. Your carpet is used in the kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms daily. Thus, there is a high number of dust and germs getting accumulated in it. If you cannot do it daily, then you can do it weekly. But in case you have pets you need to increase the frequency. Keep in your mind that you vacuum it twice or thrice as vacuuming a single time may not remove the dust. Pay special attention to the edges and if possible, wash your carpet monthly as well. After vacuuming always clean your vacuum cleaner so that it can work efficiently.

Carpet Cleaning Tips - carpet cleaning

4. Get rid of dry mud outside!

Whenever we go outside, the dry mud sticks to our shoes or slippers or if you have dogs and kids at home, they walk straight away on the carpet with dirty legs or slippers. The carpet cleaning tip to keep in mind is that you place a floor mat on the entrance or keep a brush to skim off the dust. In case you encounter debris or mud on your carpet then spray some water and gently dab the carpet to remove it. This will go a long way.

5. Rearrange your furniture

The last and the final carpet cleaning tip to rearrange and rotate your furniture can be helpful. The carpet can get deformed or can develop dents due to the weight of the furniture kept on them for a long duration. This rotation will help in interchanging of carpet which otherwise will get torn away at places of higher traffic. The re-arrangement will also help in removing the dust below them and under the furniture.

Summing it up! Health is greatly affected by the type of environment we live in. This makes it essential for us to keep our environment clean. A dirty carpet can lead to cold, skin diseases.  Cleaning of carpet regularly also increases its utility and efficiency. We have shared a lot of carpet cleaning tips with you. Choose the one which is suitable for your carpet as they come in varied designs, fabrics, colors.

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