Perfect Furniture for the Living Room 

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You might be, or know someone, that spends many hours picking out the perfect furniture to complete their perfect living room. Not only does it have to look good, but it also has to feel right, be practical, and most importantly, be super comfortable. We take pride in our homes so whilst cost is an important factor, everything else has to fall into place for it to feel just right.

Perfect Furniture for the Living Room

Depending on the style you’re going for, there are many options for a home enthusiast to consider. Here we talk not about individual styles, but instead, what we consider to be perfect living room furniture to make your house a home.

Arm Chairs are a Good Choice!

There have been many TV shows that showcase the versatility and popularity of the humble armchair including classics such as Friends, Frasier, and Will & Grace to the much-loved Gogglebox. Yet there still seems to be the odd hater out there, and we can’t work out why! It’s easy to see why these recliners and armchairs are brilliant for the living room. Not only are they “sink-into-and-forget-your-problems” comfortable, but they’re also beautifully classic in style. There is literally one for every theme you can think of; Modern, retro, pop art, even Game of Thrones!

Before you put your foot down and deny your other half or housemate the luxury of coming home after a long day at work and lounging back into one of these masterpieces, take a few seconds to think about why you don’t want one. You get the sofa to yourself, there’s more space for friends to sit down, they look amazing, and you can sneak a seat when they’re not in! You never know, you might even find yourselves fighting over the recliner.

The Classic Sofa is Essential

Much like the armchair, sofas have become synonymous with TV and Film. However, there are too many to name in just one article but I’m sure many have flooded into your brain. There is evidence that states the first-ever settee was made in England in the 1690s, this was referred to as “the double Windsor chair without a division”. The earliest image of a sofa was a French prototype in production during 1686 named the “canape”, which is still the word used to describe a sofa to this day.

Even if we take TV shows and history out of the equation you’re going to want something practical, reasonably priced, and comfortable to sit on – preferably for more than one person. This is where the sofa, settee, or couch comes in handy. There are millions of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from so you’ll never have to worry about finding one that will fit your front room. Even if you have a rather peculiar shaped room, there are no worries, you can have one custom-made! When have you ever gone into someone’s living room and not seen a sofa? They’re timeless.

The Coffee Table of Dreams

Utilizing space within your front room is of utmost importance, but so is somewhere to place your glass of wine and a decorative book to show how sophisticated you are. For me, the coffee table is a living room essential. It feels strange with open space in the center of a room surrounded by seats. Having a beautifully designed, elegant, but also practical coffee table will give the room a look of wonder, a feel or purpose, and a sense of home.

Perfect Furniture for the Living Room - amazing furniture

From handcrafted live edge coffee tables to sleek, professional, purpose-built ones, there is a resting place for all. Price ranges through all categories from bargains at the antique store, cheap and cheerful from IKEA, to loud and proud from a local carpenter. There is something for everyone and your house isn’t a home without one.

Lighting is the Maker of Moods

Have you ever been in a bar late at night where the lights have been on full blast and it’s totally ruined your vibe? Or a restaurant where you couldn’t see your food? Lighting is one of the most essential things in the home, especially the living room. You can get the nicest furniture money can buy, but what’s the point if you can’t see it?

“The big light” is first. Needs to be bright for the dull daytime and chilled for the long evenings. In this instance, most people switch to a few lamps dotted around the place but it’s still nice to have the light on a dimmer switch. Choose your shade, light wattage, and dimmer switch carefully. There’s nothing worse than a flickering light humming away to its heart’s content.

In the grand scheme of things, you are going to want to fill your living room with more furniture than what’s mentioned in this list. However, these are the things you need to start yourself off, or even to host a party. You have comfortable seats, somewhere to place food and drink, and light to see each other with. Sounds like the perfect start to a party.

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