Benefits of Using Wood Effect Floor Tiles

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Wooden floors can be stylish in any home. However, the aspect of maintenance, scratches, underfloor heating compatibility, and warping puts off many people from having them. Most people can’t just attain to this as such floors aren’t suitable for their lifestyles. The best consideration for homeowners is floor tiles with a wood look. These types of tiles have been in existence for a long time. However, it is only a while ago that they began garnering more attention due to technological advancements. Today, they are so realistic that one cannot easily discern whether the tiles are replicas or not.
Benefits of Using Wood Effect Floor Tiles

Here are the top 4 benefits of using these flooring materials.


Perhaps the biggest issue that homeowners have with hardwood floors is that they are susceptible to scratching, dents, warping, and scuffs. Consequently, the floors wear out quickly. Fortunately, floors with ceramic and porcelain wood look tiles are not vulnerable to such issues. Therefore, they promise unbeatable durability.

For instance, homeowners who have wood look tiles, whether in porcelain or ceramic, do not have to worry when water spills on their floor since it cannot warp. Even so, they can confidently use the tiles in bathrooms and wet rooms as they are easy to clean. It is not possible to achieve this with hardwoods.

Underfloor Heating Compatibility

Many homeowners are concerned that their floors could be cold if they used wood effect tiles. However, that is not true. Porcelain tiles have underfloor heating compatibility and they conduct heat. Therefore, they are more efficient and comfortably warm as compared to authentic options such as engineered wood.

Wide Range of Use

For those who love a uniform look of their homesteads, wood look tiles are the flooring option of choice. It is possible to install them everywhere in a residential home as some of them are even fit for exterior use. One can install wood look tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, patios, and many other places to produce a stylish look.

Benefits of Using Wood Effect Floor Tiles - barrique matte floor tile

Ease of Maintenance

Every type of floor gets damaged at one point or the other. However, different types of floors have varying degrees of work when it comes to maintenance. It is very easy to replace a chipped or broken tile as compared to carrying out repairs on the other floor types. Therefore, the maintenance cost of wood look tiles is much less.

Would Like to Install Tiles with Wood Effects?

Installing tiles with a wood look requires a level floor. Those who do not have it should hire professionals to do it for them. Besides, laying tiles with a grout gap of 2-3 mm ensures that their appearance resembles that of a real wooden floor instead of a tiled one. Also, matching grout colors with the flooring material results in a more naturalistic look.

Although it is possible to install tiles the DIY way, they may not come out as realistic as they should be since the process requires advanced skills. It may cost to transform the floor when hiring a professional, but the investment is worth it. Homeowners should look for people who are experienced in tiling to do the job for them.

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