Pointers to Properly Maintain Your Lawn

A lot of people have a lawn in their garden because it provides a lot of open space. It is also a good backdrop for any other plants that you have. Having a lawn that looks good can make or break the appearance of your whole garden. In order to keep it looking its best then you need to carry out regular maintenance.
Pointers to properly maintain your lawn

Some of the best ways to maintain your lawn all year round are described in more detail below.

Use The Right Seed

The type of turf seed that you will need will depend on where you live and what the growing conditions are like. You can ask your local garden center for advice or do a search online to get advice in your area. Cool season grasses are the best choice for most people as long as the weather does not get too hot in the summer. This will ensure that the lawn is able to survive if the winter is particularly harsh. It may also be a good idea if you use several different types of grass seed to create your lawn. This will protect the lawn if one particular type of grass becomes diseased because the other types should still thrive.

Use The Right Amount Of Fertilizer

You should not use fertilizer just for the sake of it as not all lawns will need it. You should also not spend a lot of money on a fertilizer that contains a high percentage of nitrogen. Although nitrogen can be an effective fertilizer, it often moves through the soil too quickly to offer any real benefit. It is also easily washed away after a lot of heavy rainfall. If you do decide that your lawn needs to be fertilized, then only use it as and when it is needed.

Making Sure Any Thatch Is Removed

Some types are grass are prone to developing thatch which is a layer of stems and roots at the very bottom of the grass. If your lawn has thatch then it may start to become dehydrated because this layer cannot be penetrated by water. If your lawn does suffer from thatch then it will probably need treating every few seasons or so. You can see how much thatch your lawn has by cutting out a small three inch square. If two inches or more of this square are covered in thatch then de-thatching will need to take place. You will need to hire a machine in order to do this, but these should be available locally. Although the lawn will look slightly patchy after this process has been carried out it will be much healthier in the long run.

Pointers to properly maintain your lawn - beautiful lawn

Not Cutting The Grass Too Short

Lawns should be mowed on a regular basis, but you need to ensure that you are not cutting the grass too short. If the blades of the grass are not long enough, then they will not be able to photosynthesize. This can lead to parts of your lawn becoming brown and some blades of grass may die off altogether. Most lawn mowers will allow you to set the height that they will cut the grass at. A good range of different types of mower can be found at this website so it is easy to find one that suits your needs.

Keep The Soil Slightly Alkaline

A lawn will grow well if the soil is slightly alkaline. One of the most effective ways to make the soil more alkaline is to apply lime to the soil. You may not need to do this at all and so you should start by carrying out a PH test on the soil. If the test does show that liming is required then this will need to become a regular part of your lawn maintenance routine. You can buy agricultural lime for a relatively cheap price and this is the option that most people go for. You should continue to test the alkalinity of the soil on a regular basis as if the PH rises above 7.5 then this can start to cause other problems for your lawn.

Carrying out maintenance on your lawn is the best way to keep it healthy and looking good. The tips that have been shared above are a great place to start if you want to improve the appearance of your lawn. Remember that you will have to carry out this maintenance on a regular basis, but you will be rewarded with a lawn that always looks great.

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