Bathroom Design Trends: Small Changes for a Big Impact

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When it comes to bathroom design trends, interior designers are deeply divided. It’s not surprising that they can’t agree on what is best to invest in when restyling bathrooms, since this is a job that sticks for at least 15 to 20 years. So, you want to be certain that every detail you choose is the right one. Focus on making the colors and materials blend in naturally, and follow some of these trends that are promising to stay stylish in the future.

Bathroom Design Trends

Hardware exposure

Show off your piping! Bathroom trends in 2019 are inviting you to open your vanity drawers and move them away from your sinks and pipes. Once a trademark of old, antique homes, exposed hardware is trending in bathroom interior design now with a modern touch. A golden overcoat goes perfectly with white marble or terrazzo basins, which we also adore. Making your plumbing visible is also a practical solution, because you can easily detect any plumbing problems that might occur.

Matte black

Right from the start, we introduce the matte black, a bold and fierce bathroom trend. It’s everything you imagine a bathroom not to be, but once you see it, you start wondering why bathrooms were ever white in the first place.

Matte Black bathroom

Dark liquidity with bright lines is just what you need to give your bathroom a completely unexpected twist. The dark tones add to the expressiveness and sculptural elegance. This unique, smooth and contemporary design is completely breathtaking.

Concrete surprise

Unrefined or porous, smooth or sanded, concrete is a trending must-have design tip of 2019. The spirit of brutalism is returning unexpectedly, yet there might be good reasons for its surprise comeback. Concrete is a great material for built-in shelving, which saves you a lot of room and money for shelves that you would in any other case have to buy. It’s also a great material for hollowed out niches that can hold towels or other bathroom necessities.

Art Deco influences

The old-world craftsmanship is also coming back with a boom. Golden-hued taps and shiny colorways are making their way through the bathroom trends in 2019 with a Deco reminiscence. White marble and neutral colors are perfect for combining with fabulous golden accents which are making a comeback.

Art Deco bathroom

Just imagine what a bathroom in one of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novels would look like and keep this image in your mind to get the best idea. Art Deco can be a challenging style endeavor, but it’s worth your time and effort. Try not to replace gold with brass or bronze, because these are definitely running out of style.

Compact tapware

One of the main goals of bathroom designers is to accommodate small-scale living without having to compromise the luxurious and stylish essence. Increased urbanization has led design trends to focus on using available space more efficiently, but with opening the ground for creative and innovative projects. Australian designers focus their attention on brushed nickel and chrome Phoenix tapware that offers compatible and stylish shower and basin elements. Iconic slim handles, especially in gold, look attractive in any modern home and compliment all designs.

Go natural

Along with the comeback of industrial styles comes the much-needed balance of natural materials such as wood. Woodwork is becoming less refined and celebrated widely in interior designs with all its natural imperfections. Using wood as recycled material to restyle your bathroom elements with biophilic items or other household items is a great choice.

Also, keep your colors as simple as possible. A monochromatic solution might be the best way to go, and the use of a single material is always a smart move. Keep your mind green and try to choose earth-friendly materials.

Window mirrors

If you have a window in your bathroom, place a mirror right in front it. Natural sunlight is the best light source you can have, so make sure to use all of it. Seeing as how a large mirror would block the light, a small vanity one is all you need. Not only does it look interesting, but you can also have a great view while you do your morning makeup. If there is no window in your bathroom, make sure to get daylight replacement lights that imitate sunlight and give you the most reliable reflection.

Statement walls & art

If you want to really make your bathroom personal, adding statement accents is always a fabulous idea. Bathrooms have always been a place for fitting high drama in small spaces, so think high and think big. Flower patterned wallpaper just by your bathtub makes a stunning scene, while hanging pictures above it is another way to draw attention to your focal elements and make them more interesting. Your bathroom art can be in line with other artwork in your home, but it can also have a completely different theme, making it a unique place in your home.

statement walls in the bathroom

Don’t be afraid to try something different from the basic white tiles on a white surface. Today’s trends in interior design are all about experimenting and mixing the incompatible. If you are not certain of the outcome, try making visual experiments beforehand. Take your time to design the bathroom according to the newest bathroom design trends you won’t be bored with for the next two decades.

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