How To Know If Your House Has Good Plumbing

How to know if your house has good plumbing

The bathroom is one of the smallest and most important rooms in the house, and it presents a major challenge during renovation because it includes careful consideration of plumbing, electrical wiring and structural design aspects. It is important to have a good bathroom plumbing before allowing people to use it to avoid the risks that come with poorly maintained bathrooms, such as falls. To know your house has a good plumbing, check out for the following tips.

Insulated pipes

Pipes are more susceptible to damage once temperatures drop. If you live in regions where temperatures drop far below the negatives in winter, piped water expands as its temperature goes towards and below freezing, eventually swelling beyond what plumbing pipes can accommodate, causing them to burst. Thick insulation around your water pipes will give you peace knowing your pipes are not at risk of bursting.

No blocked drains

If you hear a gurgling sound after flushing the toilet, then your drainage has a problem. The sound could come from the toilet, bathtub, shower drain or sink. It is caused by the water displacing air that is trapped in the drainage system. The air comes from a clog in the drainage system that has not yet caused a backflow of water. Alternatively, the gurgling sound could be caused by sewer gases being forced through the water within the drainage pipes. These gases accumulate when drain vents that are supposed to release the gases into the air are blocked by animal nests or any other kind of debris. If you have no such situation, then you have a good plumbing for your home.

How to know if your house has good plumbing - sewer gas trap

Clean Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are an excellent option for homes that are not connected to the council sewer lines. They are a great way to get rid of waste and provide property owners the chance to repurpose some of that waste, which is good for the environment. These tanks are usually pumped out after a number of years, but depending on how you manage your wastewater and other environmental factors such as floods, they may need to be cleaned out more frequently. To know you have a good plumbing, your septic tanks should stay clean and emptied the moment it fills up.

Working Taps

All homeowners and caregivers should be acquainted with the basic plumbing structures of their home, such as where shutoff valves for both individual faucets and main home supply are located. If there is a problem localized to a single outlet, you should be able to find it and shut it off by turning clockwise until secure. If it for problems whose source you cannot identify, you should be able to turn off the main water supply to the house until the plumber arrives. If you are able to turn off the water before it causes damages to your home, then you have a good plumbing.

The major reason that can make a home inhabitable is lack of good plumbing. A good plumber should offer you professional plumbing services and make sure your home is safe from awful incidents of poor plumbing. If you are able to handle small plumbing problems without calling the plumber, then your home has a good plumbing.

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